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  • iPad Modded into Functional Skateboard

    Chalk this one up as either an incredibly innovative and cool or unbelievably stupid and immature thing to do with your iPad. Indeed, if there was ever a good application for the obligatory "don't try this at home" warning, it would probably be here. It seems the guys over at Fuel TV have created the world's first iPad skateboard. And based on the video and photographic evidence, it seems those who've always wondered if the iPad could be used for skateboarding purposes now have their answer.

    Fuel TVís "Built to Shred" is out with a segment that showcases pro skater Chad Knight and host Jeff King doing some pretty horrible things to an otherwise innocent little iPad. Turning an iPad into a "functional skateboard" is far from a pretty sight, as the tablet gets pounded and drilled into oblivion in order to become a successfully mounted skateboard base. But if it's the end results that counts, the skateboard modders certainly achieved their objective.

    Fuel TV - "24/7 action sports television" - has certainly angered more than a few Apple fans with their truly non-functional "functional skateboard." Then again, how is this any different from blending the iPad to shreds in an industrial strength commercial blender or putting the iPad in the microwave until it explodes? It seems there's a growing fascination with modding or otherwise destroying the iPad in as many creative ways as possible.

    And, from the looks of it, this latest iPad skateboard stunt is likely just the beginning of modifications to come.

    Image via Fuel TV
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    1. powa's Avatar
      powa -
      if the ppl aren't buying the ipad, it still won't motivate those people even if you can use it as a skateboard or something
    1. DeathOfLife's Avatar
      DeathOfLife -
      I Think This IS A Crack Up Why Is Everything Getting Mad It's Their Money Let Them Do What They Want Two Thumbs Up Guys Now We Just Need One As Big As A Real Skateboard Lmao
    1. pksqd's Avatar
      pksqd -
      lets do ipad frisbees... anyone willing to donate ipads? maybe a mb air would fly better...
    1. DeathOfLife's Avatar
      DeathOfLife -
      Quote Originally Posted by pksqd View Post
      lets do ipad frisbees... anyone willing to donate ipads? maybe a mb air would fly better...
      Idk About A iPad But I Can Donate The Frisbee Lol
    1. extremzocker's Avatar
      extremzocker -
      @SirTimothy1 Chuck is hilarious and awesome!
    1. M4tt Dam0n's Avatar
      M4tt Dam0n -
      Thats right the iPad is such an useless piece of junk that it becomes more functional as a skateboard. And I really mean that.
    1. Mike_7318's Avatar
      Mike_7318 -
      glued trucks to the back of the ipad, griptape on front. Still pretty funny
    1. George Lopez's Avatar
      George Lopez -
      Buwahahaha what type of busters are you?? Buster like punks!
    1. faschierbasis's Avatar
      faschierbasis -
      Apple is probably releasing an update for that !
    1. dsg's Avatar
      dsg -
      I'd like to see Rodney Mullen perform some flat land on it

    1. awesomeSlayer's Avatar
      awesomeSlayer -
      What the -
      More stupidly?! Why even do this?
      What's next? A iPad into a truck?
    1. chemalito's Avatar
      chemalito -
      Yeah like Im gonna believe thats a real 64GB iPad (I just saw the video on YouTube)... Thats simply stupid, people trying to get attention...
    1. tudtran's Avatar
      tudtran -
      That's so stupid.
    1. glassJAw's Avatar
      glassJAw -
      ****, there goes my million dollar idea. Back to the drawing board
    1. s0uthp013's Avatar
      s0uthp013 -
      that couldve meen mine....why wasted money to do something so STUPID like that imean i skateboard too but i wouldnt do that
    1. gbarielmoreno's Avatar
      gbarielmoreno -
      they are coping the ipad surf board
    1. fishbone's Avatar
      fishbone -
      So while millions of people outside US are waiting for the opportunity to get an iPad to put into good use, there are morons like those to waste the hard work of hundreds of people to skate with(sort of) or blend it :-/

      I think they deserve to be whipped in public for that!
    1. z3r01's Avatar
      z3r01 -
      although it was a very funny video, people are doing as much to get publicity because of this thing...and apple isnt mad at all. nope...free publicity for them..oh look another iPad being shown by someone who we already got money from...great and now ur putting it out so more people can see our product and we arent wasting money on ad...great!
    1. mikerlx's Avatar
      mikerlx -
      The ipad is a piece of crap. Do I want one? yes just to confirm its a thinly disguised ipod touch thats over priced and to show to family and friends.