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  • Apple's Phil Schiller Comments On iPod Touch 5G Lacking Ambient Light Sensor

    Yesterday, ModMyi shared that the iPod touch 5G was lacking the ambient light sensor used to adjust screen brightness automatically depending on lighting conditions surrounding the user. It was an issue for some because it would require the user to adjust the brightness manually in dynamic lighting environments that could make the screen harder to see, which would quickly become cumbersome for the user.

    One Apple device user has fired off an E-mail to the Apple SVP, Phil Schiller, to attempt to get some answers regarding the issue. As history repeats itself, Phil Schiller once again (he also responded to the iPhone 5 scuffing issues) responds with an answer regarding an issue with Apple’s devices:

    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Schiller
    Thank you for purchasing a new iPod touch. It is a remarkable device!
    The 5th generation iPod touch does not have a built-in automatic light sensor (it’s just too thin!)

    It seems like quite a lackadaisical response for a rather important piece of hardware and it seems odd that Apple would sacrifice the light sensor for thinness. Perhaps it’s one of those classic Apple instances of removing a useful feature for what they view as the future. It's possible that Apple's engineering team might try to work to bring the ambient light sensor back to future generation iPod touch models because of the complaints, although it's not looking to be likely.

    For now, we can only hope for an iOS 6 jailbreak to surface for all of Apple’s new devices soon and at least allow users to adjust their screen brightness much more easily without needing to open the Settings application each time. Tweaks like SBSettings, Brightness Switcher, and IntelliScreenX will at least make the brightness slider easier to access and reduce the amount of work users have to put out for such a simple task.

    Sources: iDownloadBlog
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    1. BikeBuilder63's Avatar
      BikeBuilder63 -
      Really!? I was gonna buy the iPod touch 5G but decided not to because I'm gonna get the IPhone 5 once the iPhone 6 comes out. Does the iPhone 5 have the sensor?