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  • SoftBank CEO Replaces Lost iPhones After Japanese Quake

    Following the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan recently, SoftBank president and founder Masayoshi Son has decided to give free cell phones to all the children who were orphaned by the earthquake. Not only that, but he also promised that none of these children would have to pay any cell fees until they reach 18 years old.

    After the quake, some 3,800 of SoftBank's cell towers were taken out of commission. This made it impossible for any SoftBank customers to make or receive calls in the affected area. All cellular providers were affected by this devastating earthquake.

    Masayoshi Son recently went to the city of Tamura, where many people have sought refuge following the devastating tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster. Masayoshi Son was so moved by what he saw there that he offered to buy food, pay for commuter costs and offered jobs to many of the refugees. Son, who has nearly 1 million followers on Twitter, recently asked his followers for suggestions about how SoftBank could further help earthquake victims.

    When one of his Twitter followers, suggested that SoftBank should offer free cell phone service to all the children orphaned by the earthquake, Masayoshi Son decided to enact this idea right away. Son has stated that this free cell phone service will continue until the children reach 18 years of age. Also, as SoftBank is the sole provider of iPhones in Japan, any customer who lost or damaged their iPhone as a result of the quake will receive a free replacement. Hopefully, other companies will follow the example set by SoftBank's generosity.

    Source: Mobile Crunch
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    1. Eagleye's Avatar
      Eagleye -
      Quote Originally Posted by Wiley John Wright View Post
      After the quake, some 3,800 of SoftBank's cell towers were taken out of commission. This made it impossible for any SoftBank customers to make or receive calls in the affected area. All cellular providers were affected by this devastating earthquake.
      Good story... But how does one make a call when most of the cell towers were taken out of commission? Lol... poor kids are gonna have cell phones but no service! Thats awful! What kind of company gives away free phones with no service!!! Oh wait, nvm... AT&T's been doing that for years.

      (Just noticed Mrteacup posted pretty much the same thing at the same time... great minds think alike!)
    1. delusion950's Avatar
      delusion950 -
      Way to go.
    1. 2006yamahaR6's Avatar
      2006yamahaR6 -
      wow i'm surprised by the negative responses here - yes, it is true that a cellphone will not replace a nurturing mother and father, but atleast he's doing something. The unfortunate reality is that this is more generosity than we've seen in the US for a while. Our consumer culture obsesses over more more more for me me me. We dont even stop to think and be thankful for all we have

      good job softbank
    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      That's awesome, setting a great example for others!
    1. zplit's Avatar
      zplit -
      God bless this people who is helping and the ones helping. This is good stuff sorry to all the kids who lost the parents to all who lost a loved one. real sad. R.I.P each one of then and God Bless
    1. rabbit_'s Avatar
      rabbit_ -
      Has any one thought this is bad idea hey you lost your home all yourbelongings have a iphone great thanks really nice of you can I please ask one other thing can I have a solar power charger for my phone you see I don't have a house so I can't charge it ... Laptop good to so I can jb it and unlock it lol
    1. whereswaldo's Avatar
      whereswaldo -
      Nice to know that theres still good in the world, hats of to you Mr. Son
    1. Sem656's Avatar
      Sem656 -
      I wonder how many of those kids asked if they could trade it in on an android. Lol Jk. But I bet apple is pretty happy
    1. scottw03's Avatar
      scottw03 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sanady361 View Post
      You'd never see this done in the U.S.
      Nope, instead your taxes along with everyone else's taxes go to pay for the relief effort that we supply and support for Japan, Libya, Iraq, etc.....

      As for the US............ I think we are generous enough as it is with the rest of the world. Now if the big corporations want to do more, please do. Just as long as it isn't coming out of my pocket considering I have my own future and future of my children to plan for.
    1. nillam1's Avatar
      nillam1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sanady361 View Post
      You'd never see this done in the U.S.
      Just like you'd never see an American "imported" car in Japan, drive itself off a cliff! If ur so impressed with the Japanese, buy a Toyota with a mind of it's own & use it to deliver free stuff across the good 'old U.S. of A. Since the U.S. is so lacking in compasion, ur donations will be greatly appreciated. Since it's easier to say nothings being done instead of doing it urself, what have u done to reverse this belief that "you'd never see this in the U.S."???
    1. Lombardo Joe's Avatar
      Lombardo Joe -
      Time and time again, I find myself marveling at the integrity of the Japanese.

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    1. trek-life's Avatar
      trek-life -
      I swear reading message board comments let's you know how many pointless human beings there are on this planet.

      Some of you should simply be removed from life in general.

      The man used HIS resources to help in the way that he can. It's easy to talk **** from the sidelines isn't it?

      As far as whether this would happen in the US, we're certainly not short on philanthropy and kindness in the US. Aside from that, WHO GIVES A ****, WHETHER IT WOULD OR WOULDN'T? It happened where it needed to happen in the way that it did.
    1. nillam1's Avatar
      nillam1 -
      This is definitely a kind gesture, I hope others in a position like his would do the same. I just hope that it's for the right reasons & not like most "good will" gestures that have an alterior motive. The present/future will produce history, we can some day look back on. Then & only then will u be able to distinguish the good, from the good "P.R!" I've always been taught "ain't nothing free in this world" & "u should be skeptical of any salespersons claims!" Wtvr the reasons, I'd have to "give mad props" to this guy because of his kind gestures in Japans time of need. I could honestly say that if I were a 14 yr. old kid, stuck in a government institution after my parents &/or family was killed in a tsunami, a brand new & free iPhone would greatly lift my spirits! Although it's quite arrogant to think an iPhone could replace ur parents, I don't believe that were his intentions but for myself it would be a great distraction to the reality of the situation. I could only imagine any personal tragedy of my own, on even a scale of 1/10th to what has happened in Japan & if I was without my iPhone it would be even more devastating! My condolences to all the people who've lost loved ones in Japan, kudos to this guy & anyone else who donates time, money or goods without an alterior motive but solely for the good of mankind! Peace & love, peace & love!
    1. RICO_'s Avatar
      RICO_ -
      If the U.S. ever goes completely in the toilet (and it looks like we're headed there)....Japan is the first relocation alternative on my list.
    1. alexevo's Avatar
      alexevo -
      Anyone here can be an armchair quarterback with their snide remarks about taste and what he did. The fact remains there are likely a lot of orphans, they will now have phones, and won't have to worry about how they will pay that bill and can focus on using their phone to communicate and find lost family members and friends once the cell towers get repaired.

      Regardless of what he did, that is a lot of money to spend and we know the U.S. corporate world is capable of that kind of compassion but likely wouldn't do it.
    1. feidhlim1986's Avatar
      feidhlim1986 -
      It's a nice gesture, but I can't help but feel anyone who's getting a free iPhone would probably prefer to get something more practical given their situation, like a small trust fund, or help with housing, clothing, food etc.
      I know the SoftBank CEO doesn't mean it this way but it came across to me as if to say here's a free iPhone to replace your parents.
      I'm not ragging on the CEO, it's a nice thing he's done, and hell of a lot more than most other people would do.
    1. mm8's Avatar
      mm8 -
      Great gesture, way to go.
    1. rockness724's Avatar
      rockness724 -
      Quote Originally Posted by maddawg05 View Post
      Goes to prove there are still goodness in the world.
      I agree...
    1. mlauth's Avatar
      mlauth -
      Maybe more kindness will come to those, from others after seeing this.
    1. Silencer_0's Avatar
      Silencer_0 -
      It's only logical that a guy in the cell phone business would donate free phones and service. I'm sure bakeries are donating breads, pizza restaurants are donating pizza, clothing companies donating clothes, and so on. If you owned a company that produced one certain thing, wouldn't you donate that product instead of shelling out cash?

      I dont see people complaining about Microsoft giving free laptops to kids, instead of feeding the homeless ones.

      The point is, at least this guy is doing SOMETHING within his power. I don't know what the average cell phone bill is over in Japan, but I'm sure not having to pay a dime for it until the kids turn 18 is going to save them quite a lot of money.