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  • AT&T Rolls Out Pricey International Data Plans for iPad

    AT&T has officially released its pricing for the iPad's international data plans. Some have called the plans pricey. Others have opted for words like "outrageous," and... well, I'll keep it clean and stop there.

    Every bit as expensive as the iPhone's international data plans, some iPad owners may similarly experience digital sticker shock in response to the four introduced "Data Global Add-On" packages. The plans, however, are not purchased on a long term or recurring basis. At the end of each month, you must manually purchase (from the iPad's Cellular Data settings pane) one of the four plans for another month. Simply put, there is no auto-renewal.

    Fortunately, however, users can select the date they want their plan to commence in order to prevent any "expensive days" from going unused. Clearly, these plans are far from inexpensive and serve up limited data usage for a substantive sum of money.

    AT&T's international (available within nearly 100 countries) data plans for the iPad look something like this:
    • $24.99 per month for 20 MB
    • $59.99 per month for 50 MB
    • $119.99 per month for 100 MB
    • $199.99 per month 200 MB

    Not a whole lot of bang for your buck. Then again, the San Francisco Chronicle recently made prospective iPad buyers aware of what the 250MB data plan, for example, actually translates to in usage:

    * Browsing a few dozen Web pages a day and typical email usage (without downloading big attachments)
    * Looking at a few dozen Facebook photos a day
    * Watching a few minutes of YouTube video a week
    * Downloading a few songs and podcasts from iTunes per month
    * Downloading a few small iPhone or iPad apps per month, light app usage
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    1. gambleb's Avatar
      gambleb -
      AT&T will do you a "favor" if you qualify for their Premier services. If you can get a discount on your bill because of the company you work for, or you have been a customer for a long time there is a much better deal out there.

      I pay $59.99 for unlimited international data on my iPhone. I was in Haifa, Israel for 10 days last month and racked up over 3 GB of 3g data time. All included in my $59.99/month. I've also used it in Cyprus, Turkey, Italy, Scotland, Poland, and Latvia

      Just call the international customer service people and ask them about it. It's not something that they advertise. There are about 5 of us on my ship that are doing it. One friend of mine figured that if he had to pay the per Kb rate, his bill would have been over $50,000.

      Edit: Not sure if they offer this for the iPad. It's worth a look though.

    1. gotjpeg's Avatar
      gotjpeg -
      they will not offer it for the ipad, the ipad does not link to your account in anyway possible. Instead it becomes a prepaid service, so if you call in for help they can only access help by giving the ipad phone number and not your att account that is attached to your phones.
    1. gambleb's Avatar
      gambleb -
      Sounds like another reason to not get an iPad.
    1. mytran80's Avatar
      mytran80 -
      Quote Originally Posted by gambleb View Post
      Sounds like another reason to not get an iPad.
      Or another reason to get the iPad wifi instead