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  • Control Your iOS Device With a Bluetooth Mouse or Trackpad With 'BTC Mouse & Trackpad'
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    iOS developer Matthias Ringwald has released a new jailbreak tweak called BTC Mouse & Trackpad that allows you to control your iOS device with a Bluetooth mouse or trackpad. In addition, you can use a Bluetooth keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse or trackpad at the same time, which can help make your mobile device feel more comfortable to use while at home if you prefer the computer-style controls. Check out the video demonstration above.

    When you install the tweak, you will be able to pair Bluetooth computer mouse and trackpad devices with your iOS device along with any keyboards right from iOS’ native Bluetooth options in the Settings application. All Bluetooth HID keyboards and Bluetooth HID computer mice that Apple has supported since iOS 3.2 will work with BTC Mouse & Trackpad. The tweak also supports all of Apple's Bluetooth pointing devices such as the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad, but the developer warns that multi-touch gestures aren't supported yet.

    The tweak has the ability to automatically reconnect, so even when your device is in sleep mode, you can use your Bluetooth device, such as a mouse or trackpad, to wake up your device and click and drag to unlock the lock screen.

    As you use the mouse, your movement will be duplicated on the iOS device’s screen with a pointer just like on your personal computer. Clicking will perform the same action as tapping. In certain applications, even the scroll wheel in the middle of the Bluetooth mouse can be used.

    While using a Bluetooth mouse, the buttons perform the following functions:
    • Left button
      • Performs a tap
    • Right button
      • Performs the function of the home button
    • Middle button
      • Switches vertical movements to zooming in and zooming out
    • Scroll wheel
      • Pages through the home screen and performs zooming function in applications

    BTC Mouse & Trackpad will be useful for people that use Jump Desktop, as it is fully compatible and allows you to use the Bluetooth mouse to control the remote desktop right from your iOS device. BTC Mouse & Trackpad will also support remote right clicking, which is done much easier with a mouse than using the touch controls given to you normally.

    Another unique feature that BTC Mouse & Trackpad comes with is presentation mode, which can be enabled from your Bluetooth settings when you install the tweak. With presentation mode, you can turn your left and right clicks into left and right swipes for moving between presentation slides in applications such as Apple’s Keynote.

    As a special offer, if you currently own the BTstack Keyboard package in Cydia, then BTC Mouse & Trackpad can be yours for 50% off. The regular price of BTC Mouse & Trackpad is $4.98 and it’s available in the BigBoss repo today. BTC Mouse & Trackpad will work on iOS 4.0 to iOS 5.1.1 on the following devices:

    • iPod touch 2G
    • iPod touch 3G
    • iPod touch 4G
    • iPhone 3GS
    • iPhone 4
    • iPhone 4S
    • iPad
    • iPad 2
    • The new iPad

    BTC Mouse & Trackpad is a totally cool tweak; check it out if you have some Bluetooth hardware laying around!

    Sources: Matthias Ringwald
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    1. GrandMstrBud's Avatar
      GrandMstrBud -
      Quote Originally Posted by AdonisBlue View Post
      mod edit/

      No one truly cares if any other device could do this "first" or not, Because seriously so what?

      And next this is not an apple idea or tweak its a Jailbreak tweak by an independent developer.
      Typical fanboy reply. Just because Apple can now finally do it they are much better
    1. egypt123's Avatar
      egypt123 -
      Just FYI, I installed the BTC Mouse tweak on my iPad and it's great. I'm still getting used to it, but so far and for the apps/functions on the iPad itself, it works like a charm and as you would expect any mouse would without any 'lag' as far I can tell. However, the big reason I got it was for RDP as I use my iPad to access my company machines while I'm on travel or away from the office. Not an easy task controlling a remote machine using your finger...

      As for RDP, at least at this time, it does NOT work real well with Logmein Ignition (total bummer for me). Basically you see two mouse cursors, the one on the remote machine and the BTC one on the iPad. What makes it very clumsy with Logmein, is you have to 'grab' the mouse cursor on the remote machine (holding down the left-button on the BTC/iPad mouse)and move that one around with the BTC mouse and then perform the standard mouse functions (click, double-click, etc.) once over top of the icon. Very inconvenient. This might actually be an issue with the way Logmein mouse function works, but it would be nice if there was a way BTC Mouse could 'hide' or 'auto-attach' the remote mouse to the BTC mouse when using Logmein. I know, that's probably asking a lot from a $5 JB app, but maybe the developer can add that feature at some point. Sure would be nice.

      As for other 'direct' RDP apps such as 2X Client and RDP Lite, the BTC mouse tweak works perfectly fine and as a normal mouse would. With those, you only see one mouse cursor, the BTC one, and it moves and controls all the mouse functions on the remote machine.

      All in all this is a very nice tweak and I'd give it a BIG Thumbs Up for those who use RDP on the iPad on a regular basis.
    1. GrandMstrBud's Avatar
      GrandMstrBud -
      I've been doing this on my Samsung 10.1 4G tablet for a year now. I hook up a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and VPN in and use RDP.
    1. santatution's Avatar
      santatution -
      Uh I payed full price for this app for my iPod touch 2g MB model and when I try to install it through Cydia it says at the bottom "depends" with it showing that I need Bluetooth Companion. Then when I try to download Bluetooth Companion it depends on a file called "gsc.armv7" which is for the MC 8gb iPod touch model. The compatibility kinda misleadingly lists iPod touch 2g but I obviously tried it and it didn't install on my MB model iPod touch 2g.
    1. Gamemaster77's Avatar
      Gamemaster77 -
      Ask for a refund