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  • iPhone 5 Mock-up Produced With CSS3 Code

    Back in January, ModMyi showed you a virtual iPhone made of pure CSS3 code by Web developer TjRus; no images were used in the development at all. Today, another developer that goes by the named of Matt Boldt has mocked up the iPhone 5 using CSS3 code Ė again, no images were used. The image above shows what the iPhone 5 looks like in all of its pure CSS3 glory, or you can take a peek at the actual CSS3 iPhone 5 from this link.

    Unlike the iPhone we showed you in January, the iPhone 5 that was made with CSS3 isnít interactive; itís merely for show. It has the lighting gradients and all the button details that are present on the iPhone 5. The camera is centered above the main phone speaker and the ringer/silent switch can be found above the volume buttons. Around the outer band you can see the black notches, as well.

    If youíre interested, you can take a look at the source code for the iPhone 5 created with CSS3 code from this link. If you're into in Web design, it's really neat to be able to see behind the scenes as to what kind of work goes into making Web-art like this. Hopefully for some, the work will come off as inspiring.

    The creator, Matt Boldt, would love to hear your feedback about the CSS3 iPhone 5, so leave him a note using the contact links on his Web site!

    Sources: Matt Boldt via iClarified
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      Quote Originally Posted by c0dy View Post
      it's not very good. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right. I think a severely compressed jpg would be better suited for the web than that. The one from back in January was pretty awesome though.

      Whoever called CSS3 dated software is an idiot.
      That's a great alternative, but JPEG's show up blurry on retina displays. Pure CSS wouldn't.
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      Great Job Kid!... If the post suck so much then dont view it.