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  • Apple Retail Staff Told to Address iOS 6 Maps Flaws

    Apple retail staff members have been given the order to be up front and direct with Apple customers regarding the widely reported and frequently bemoaned Apple Maps.

    According to Gary Allen of ifoapplestore, Apple retail store managers "are asking store employees to report iOS 6 Maps app errors to help improve the database."

    Jokingly, Allen suggested that "Oh, if only all Apple retail store employees could afford an iPhone? And could 40,000+ employees really put a dent in Maps app errors?

    Before Tim Cook was backed into an awkward corner and forced to apologize for the the service that replaced Google maps on the platform, users were already bashing Apple's new Maps application, saying that glitches and inaccurate positioning data rendered their user experience void of any real excitement or satisfaction.

    As of this writing, Apple maintains that it is "working hard" to rectify these issues with Maps.

    Source: ifoapplestore
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    1. 6309phone's Avatar
      6309phone -
      The biggest problem is that people assume that everyone is having the same experience. Over here it works great. I've used wazws, motion gps etc... They all screw up.

      I like the way the apple maps work.

      Quote Originally Posted by Torinate View Post
      Unfortunately, as a user of maps daily, yes, it's the worst I've seen. Never accurate. Miles and miles away.

      Fanboys... But it has turn by turn... Yea, that way I get exactly to the wrong place!

      They needed a fix yesterday!
    1. Tperry's Avatar
      Tperry -
      Quote Originally Posted by nicrfe View Post
      I can't get over how bad the map of san francisco is how hard is it to label the piers, how about letting me search for a pier. How about not showing any and every search with the word pier on ******* pier street
      Was recently in Dallas (north) and loaded up the address for the nearest Best Buy (they had an open box Mac Mini for $644). Dang if Apple maps didn't tell me to prepare to turn right in 1/2 mile - when I was turning right into the parking lot at that time. REAL accurate <not>.

      And yes, I got the Mac Mini, and the Apple keyboard, and the Apple track pad, and the Apple rechargeable batteries (they were about the same price as any others), and a new 27" LG monitor- and no, they had already sold the open box so I just grabbed the 4gb one for $777. Suprising how much like Ubuntu OS/X is. I like the interface a little better than Ubuntu - it's taking some getting used to.
    1. thetoothfairy's Avatar
      thetoothfairy -
      I'm interested in IOS 6 however have not upgraded yet because I hate to loose google maps! lol
    1. xboxbml's Avatar
      xboxbml -
      Quote Originally Posted by thetoothfairy View Post
      I'm interested in IOS 6 however have not upgraded yet because I hate to loose google maps! lol
      I didn't like maps either... Fortunately, I kinda knew the area. Had this been a big city somewhere with one way streets... Could have been disastrous... This was apples idea of a left turn at an intersection then not actually finishing the journey...the destination is south on that intersection shown in bottom right corner... I'm sure Apple will fix it..someday. Until then, I went back down to 5.1.1...