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  • Non-Contract AT&T iPhone 5s Unlockable Through iTunes

    Wednesday TechCrunch discovered that non-contract AT&T iPhone 5s can be unlocked through a simple iTunes rest.

    The process reportedly works with iPhone 5s purchased at full price from AT&T. The process is unbelievably simple, especially when compared to AT&Ts traditional unlocking procedure which involves submitting a form online, sending an actual fax (yes fax machines still exist), and waiting a week for a restore.

    TechCrunch confirmed the procedure with AT&Ts tech support and completed the once-step process without any problems. After the iTunes reset, TechCrunch’s Romain Dillet simply trimmed down a compatible T-Mobile micro-SIM card to fit in the iPhone 5’s nano-SIM tray.

    However, it appears there are still some catches resulting from Apple adding a device's IMEI to their database at the time of purchase. TechCrunch was able to successfully unlock an iPhone 5 purchased through Apple’s retail store, but was unable to perform the unlock on a unit pre-ordered through AT&T even though the device was purchased at full price. The catch appears to be the device tied to an existing AT&T account during the pre-order process according to TechCrunch.

    The simple unlock process is encouraging, especially when accompanied by reports that Verizon iPhone 5’s ship unlocked for GSM networks.

    Source: TechCrunch [via AppleInsider]
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      Simon -
      Quote Originally Posted by szr View Post
      It appears the CDMA and International GSM are actaully the same device, as they both have the same model number (A1429), and having spoken to both Verizon and Sprint employees, the CDMA iPhone 5 that they are vending is capable of GSM for customers that travel abroad (and can technically work on domestic GSM carriers for 3G and below, but not with LTE.) So there are in fact two models, not three; Apple just happened to list the same model twice.
      I can confirm that. Just got a UK iPhone 5 yesterday and went to restore it. Would not take the iPhone5,1 GSM firmware. Needed to download the iPhone 5,2 CDMA firmware to restore it.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Chula View Post
      I just want my unlock iPhone 5 64 gb back
      What model is it (or where did you get it from?)