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  • Wi-Fi Speed and Connectivity Issues Plague Some iPhone 5 Users

    As more consumers tend to get their hands on an iPhone 5, more issues seem to be surfacing with the device. New reports are coming in of customers having a problem with the iPhone 5ís Wi-Fi connectivity. Many users are continually complaining about slow to no Wi-Fi connectivity while others are reporting simply slower-than-normal activity on the device. Users have been able to isolate their problem to when they connect to WPA2 encrypted Wi-Fi routers and found that moving to the much less secure WEP encryption or being unprotected can help resolve the issue for now.

    Since most Apple stores have unprotected Wi-Fi, the issue may not show up at all in-store. While some users said getting a replacement from Apple fixed the issue, others are reporting no success after getting a replacement unit either. It should be noted that there may be multiple Wi-Fi related issues that could be affecting users. Threads on the Apple discussion forums reflect the same issues among many customers.

    One Apple forum goer received confirmation from AppleCare that Apple seems to be aware of the issue but does not have a resolution available yet. He mentioned the following:

    Just spoke with iPhone AppleCare and they are definitely aware of the problem and Apple engineers are working on it. I asked if it was hardware or software related and she said the WPA2 issue seems to be software based and the non-connecting issue may be hardware based, but that they are still trying to identify the cause.
    According to the AppleCare representative, the issue is still being worked on and seems to only affect a small minority of iPhone 5 owners.

    Have any of you experienced any issues with your Wi-Fi connectivity on your iPhone 5?

    Source: Apple Discussion Forums (1) (2) via MacRumors
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Wi-Fi Speed and Connectivity Issues Plague Some iPhone 5 Users started by Akshay Masand View original post
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    1. luvmytj's Avatar
      luvmytj -
      Got slow WiFi here. I'll be waiting for the fix Apple...
    1. jwil736's Avatar
      jwil736 -
      Quote Originally Posted by kickerman65 View Post
      And on a side note i think the new maps is awesome. I used it yesterday and its 100% times better than that crappy old google maps that used to come standard on iOS. It was accurate and the interface was easy to use. I love the fact that it shows on the lock screen and i love the fact that once you exit the app it lets you tap the status bar to return to it, similar to when you hit the home button in a phone call. I dont know what all the complaints are about.
      Has a great interface but there are is a lot of improvements needed. I wouldn't go as far as saying google maps was crap because it served us very well for a long time. Turn by turn much needed definitely but that's why I bought tomtom app.
    1. Liveitlive's Avatar
      Liveitlive -
      No issue here either... 44.66 dl 3.19 ul. Just low since I'm capped at 50 and 5 by my ISP on my current tier
    1. jed2012's Avatar
      jed2012 -
      I love lte in sac I did a speediest today and got 46mps/5965Kbs which is way faster than my surewest fiber to the home connection I could of never of believed that a cell network could be so blazing fast it's almost unbelievable but I'm loving it that's for sure
    1. mlee19841's Avatar
      mlee19841 -
      Don't know if its a glitch in the speed test app. But I will get between 12-20mb then run the test again and I will get under 1mb down. It switches like that each time high to low every test. Weird

      Vzw network.
    1. xMuerTex's Avatar
      xMuerTex -
      Looks like is only ATT iphone 5 are the ones with issues, i have a 32gb verizon i5 and so far so good, wifi good, LTE great, battery life better the my 4s 16gb.
    1. flash66's Avatar
      flash66 -
      Totally Slow!

      10 Mbps cable

      2 X Apple AirPort Extreme routers w/ WPA2

      Mac speed test = 9.81 Mbps
      iPhone 4 = 9.34 Mbps
      iPhone 5 = .32 Kbps

      So there you go...

      WEP is slow. Buffering HD movies to my ATV is choppy using WEP from my media server over wifi

      WPA2 is fast and smooth. This really sucks!
    1. Tperry's Avatar
      Tperry -
      Quote Originally Posted by kalpesh78 View Post
      Completely agree with you dude. Funny that i see so many droids hanging out on apple forums.
      Maybe because some us either own both for our own use or another family member has one?
    1. macsrock's Avatar
      macsrock -
      My iPhone 5 is working perfectly. Wifi is working great and so is the battery life. None of my friends have problems either.
    1. *T*'s Avatar
      *T* -
      People are crazy. God forbid there's a microscopic scratch on the metal, or an extra quarter second to connect to wifi.
    1. PSYC0TIC ONE's Avatar
      PSYC0TIC ONE -
      i thought i was the only one and i have called my ISP several times to complain that i am not getting the download/upload speeds i am paying for (verizon fios with 35mbs down/35mbs up). now i see that it is not a problem with verizon.

      i am also having the problem with my ipad 3 on iOS 6, deductive reasoning tells me it is more than likely software related *shrug*
    1. hogcia's Avatar
      hogcia -
      Quote Originally Posted by jwil736 View Post
      There is no way I would have switched from my 4s if I did not get LTE in my area, that was my selling point and I think it was most everyone else's. 4" screen? I don't think that was a big deal for ppl that have had other iphone for the fact they would have switched around 4 or 4s.
      I noticed slow speeds while at my in laws house, they have WEP as well and seemed sluggish but didn't do any speed tests will try next time I'm there. I'm trying to use all the LTE i can so I can be throttled, would like to find out what my throttled speed will be like.
      Well I've been thinking of selling my phones (i5,i4S) and Switching to Verizon from AT&T. Verizon has LTE coverage everywhere here in New York, AT&T does not. I've been holding onto AT&T because I like the fact that I can surf the web and talk at the same time, but I am willing to leave that for LTE speeds.
    1. Luismiguellopezx's Avatar
      Luismiguellopezx -
      I used it yesterday and its 100% times better than that crappy old google maps that used to come standard on iOS. It was accurate and the interface was easy to use.

      I dont understand why people complain to much!!! All phone has details effect which in the future they will be fix!! I personaly have the iphone 5 and i used my wifi which is a ipv 6 and it runs fine.
    1. spyder2005's Avatar
      spyder2005 -
      Actually, I dont think its too much of a Wi-Fi issue. I think its the SpeedTest app that is faulty. I have been using it a few times over the last few weeks on my iPhone4S (5.1.1) in home Wi-Fi and the results are off. App reads 3.4 MBps , the website read over 20 MBps which was confirmed with a 2.2MB per second download speed. Restarting the router 3x yielded the same result.
    1. 2k1's Avatar
      2k1 -
      Wifi gave me problems for about a day or so not staying connected. Seems to be better now.
    1. izzy1990's Avatar
      izzy1990 -
      Quote Originally Posted by meatholes View Post
      Why do people insist on coming to an iphone based forum to leave negative comments about apple products. I wouldn't even consider visiting an android forum to bash on their phones. If anyone truly believes the iphone 5 isn't worthy enough to be in their pocket, they're mistaken.

      Please note, that I have nothing bad to say about Samsung or their products, but apple in my humble opinion makes an unresistable product where it's quality is unmatched.

      The iPhone 5 is the only phone I'll want or need until the next generation is released. No wifi or cellular connectivity issues for me.
      Totally agree with you iphone to me is the best phone to have and you know what they say "if you dont have anything good to say keep quiet"
    1. XideviceX's Avatar
      XideviceX -
      What's EE in the top left corner?!?!
    1. tallnatt's Avatar
      tallnatt -
      Quote Originally Posted by okitsugu View Post
      What is so crappy about the 5's battery life? I've been getting over 10 hours of full use out of the battery and 24 hours between charges. And seems like the reviews are even showing better than that.
      yeah especially considering the battery is about half the capacity of the android phone batteries I say it does i pretty good job with battery life.

      Quote Originally Posted by subywrex View Post
      You know they say ignorance is bliss.

      Gotta love people like you that write on things they don't know about. Guess what. When the 4s came out the only thing not changed was the screen an appearance. So it was still a full hardware change.

      It's a brand new product. And most Likely a software issue. We all know android has no software issues. Lmao.
      Same here. I wasn't expecting any amazing completely new phone but it was a nice upgrade. For me no wifi issues fortunately 56mbps down 12mpbs up and LTE is almost as fast as well. The wifi and LTE were 2 of the features I was looking forward to with the new iphone.
    1. hogcia's Avatar
      hogcia -
      Tested my iPhone 4S & 5 with speednet app, my wifi was faster on the 4S. The 5 Obviously running the latest firmware, but the 4S is running 5.1.1, they are both 32GB.
    1. Gamemaster77's Avatar
      Gamemaster77 -
      Quote Originally Posted by izzy1990 View Post
      Totally agree with you iphone to me is the best phone to have and you know what they say "if you dont have anything good to say keep quiet"
      That's a good one !!!!! That saying only applies to people. That might be one of the funniest pro-Apple comments I've heard on here.