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  • The iPhone 5 Drop Test Proves the Device Can Take Quite the Fall

    With the iPhone 5 finally available to the public, several companies are performing tests and benchmarks on the new device (as expected). One of the more common tests that is performed every time a new device is launched is the drop test and while many users are dying to get their hands on an iPhone 5, some people are dropping theirs to see how well it survives common falls.

    The folks over at Android Authority posted a drop test comparison video between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5. Out of the two popular smartphones on the market today, the results are in favor of Apple’s iPhone 5. They mentioned the following during their drop test:

    Well, as much as we hate to admit it, the iPhone 5 did amazingly well in our drop test, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 came out in pretty bad shape. It’s the cold hard truth that we can’t hide and we can’t ignore.
    The hard aluminum shell of the iPhone 5 withstood the impact pretty well, and the glass protecting the display remained intact. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S3 predictably lost its back cover and suffered damage to the casing and the front glass. Sad, sad, sad.

    The folks over at iFixYouri also posted a video showing their version of the drop test. Much like any other drop test, iFixYouri dropped the iPhone 5 from various heights and recorded their results. The results were a bit surprising as the iPhone 5 survived all the falls until they threw the device screen down. According to their results, the iPhone 5 is “the most durable iPhone” they’ve seen.

    Looks like Apple's research and development team at least made some right decisions when it came to choosing the materials for the iPhone 5.

    Source: Android Authority, iFixYouri
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    1. AUZambo's Avatar
      AUZambo -
      Quote Originally Posted by Moreno53 View Post
      What a dumb thing to say. No two drops will ever...EVER, EVER....EVER be the same. I dont care what it is, an object will NEVER EVER drop the same way twice. You need a refund on your "science mind"
      Yeah...why don't you tell me what science background you have, because I have a degree in science. It is possible you do have a stronger background than I have, but I'm gonna go with the odds and say you don't. While I'm not a practicing scientist (I went into a math related career instead) the basics of science are pretty easy to understand. As someone else has already stated, the phones are the variable here. To accurately compare the phones you would have to approach it in two different ways:

      1. Develop a machine that guarantees the phones drop in the same way so that you're comparing the phones' resistance to drops rather than comparing the different types of drops in addition to the differences in the phones. Because the test in this video was so haphazard there's no way of knowing if the iPhone sustained less damage due to its build, or due to the chance it just landed more favorably.

      2. Purchase dozens if not hundreds of phones so you can help eliminate human error from the tests through sheer volume and the law of averages...and even then you'd want to try to be sure you drop the phones in similar fashions.
    1. Mrteacup's Avatar
      Mrteacup -
      Quote Originally Posted by LUFT5_THOR View Post
      Who comes up with this bs?

      Sorry but I must say that's your fault.. People shouldn't be surprised that if glass impacts something it breaks.. Get a case or even invisi shields help make a difference as to the fact it can't get punctured and crack the glass.

      Also this is a huge surprise! I'm glad the iPhone has become more durable and I'm also glad android fans didn't rig the system And started making their products of more efficient conducting systems etc. not just plastic ahha
    1. recognition's Avatar
      recognition -
      Quote Originally Posted by Banks4004 View Post
      half the people I know with glass screen iphones have broken them
      He only has 2 friends, only 1 dropped their iPhone
    1. aidanharris's Avatar
      aidanharris -
      I have a 4S and are not upgrading to the 5 (yet) since in the UK it's a pointless upgrade (no 4G being the main reason) and due to my own stupidity managed to get it jammed in a car door. Only the top left of the screen cracked about 1cm long but that's it. The screen still works in the top left corner despite being cracked and I cannot be bothered to replace the screen just for a small 1cm long crack in the top left corner of the phone. The moral of the story? My 4S is quite tough without a case so why should the 5 be any different?