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  • iPhone 5 Related Crimes Already Reported Across Three Continents

    The iPhone is not only high in demand among consumers, it's also hotly sought-after by criminals who presumably realize the top dollar this device can draw on the black market.

    The iPhone 5 has only been un-boxed for a matter of hours, but iPhone 5-related crimes have already been reported on three continents. From the UK to the US and even in Japan, a rash of crimes has been reported with no clear indication that the pattern is about to end.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, Japan is where the most elaborate crimes have been committed. "A Softbank Corp store in the western district of Osaka city was wiped clean of its iPhone 5 stock," WSJ reports. All 116 devices were stolen.

    Apple said initial sales of the iPhone 5 set a new company record. Pre-orders on the first day topped 2 million units. Since then, Apple has said pre-order customers would have to wait up to one month for a new iPhone to ship.
    Between boxes of product being swiped to entire display windows being raided, thieves are clearly coming for the iPhone 5.

    Source: WSJ
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      cant stop them
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      cant stop them
      Omg I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe.
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      ^^WTF is wrong with you people. Please drop the ban hammer on them.
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      Gimmie yo iPhone dawg!

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      Obvious troll is obvious.
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      Your joke was done in bad taste.
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      In really bad taste and should be banned.
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      i guess u can stop them
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      Bad economy times are hard all over the world...
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      Thats was really really bad for people to commit crime because of Iphone 5!!!
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      This is the dumbest, most manipulative, UNNECESARY fear enticing Post EVER!!! Badly Done!!

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      UPS stole my phone. Now it's going to be a long wait. Thanks Apple for using UPS. I ordered 2 ipad3 last time no prob with Fed Ex. I wish they had an option to pick carriers I would have paided extra. I pretty sure some of you guys don't have issues with UPS. I think it's just my area.
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      The iPhone 5 is really hot in the eyes of the thieves, I remember reading an article wherein a store was robbed hundreds of iPhone units had been stolen as well as cash. if I remember it right this robbery happened in Japan