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  • GIVEAWAY - Unlocking the iPhone 5

    A few million people got an iPhone 5 this morning.

    We're betting some of you are looking to unlock it - whether for resale value down the road, or to use a foreign SIM in the iPhone already (good luck though - your carrier will need a compatible nano-SIM).

    There's an abundance of sites offering unlocks. Some are legit, some are scams. We have used various ones in the past, and thought we'd share a couple we recommend now since iPhone 5 support has just been added (note - these services unlock other iPhones as well - 3G, 3G[S], 4, 4S).

    Neither of these services require a jailbreak, and both are permanent unlocks (you can update your firmware normally, etc, and your device will still be unlocked).


    iUnloc.kr is a newer service, but from guys who've been developing for iPhone for a while now. This service is wholly automated, with an emailed response when you're unlocked. Plus their site is pretty.

    They offer a variety of service speeds and prices:
    • 2-5 hour turnaround. on sale for $45.
    • 1 hour turnaround - $55.
    • 24 hour turnaround - $25.

    iUnloc.kr will also be releasing a Cydia app here in the next few days, which you can grab through the ModMyi repo. We'll update here when that's available.


    NegriElectronics has been around a long while, and has a reputation of quick customer service and quality products. They sell unlocked phones as a specialty, and their iPhone unlock is quick and effective. You also receive an email when your device is unlocked.

    The iPhone unlock service from NegriElectronics runs $120, but is on sale for $18.50. It is "instant," which is labeled as a 2-3 hour turnaround.

    You're in great hands with either of the above services - ModMyi.com recommends them (we should mention - we don't receive anything in exchange for these reviews, although we did test an unlock to verify it works with each service).

    We're also giving away 10 unlocks - 5 from iUnloc.kr, and 5 from NegriElectronics.com. Use the widget below to gain entries into the raffle, and we'll pick a winner Monday morning!

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    1. wakedude's Avatar
      wakedude -
      I can haz unlock please!
    1. Senyaichiya's Avatar
      Senyaichiya -
      I love wakedude's reply, but pick me and him pretty please!

      ...if need be pick me instead of him...sorry!
    1. Criss's Avatar
      Criss -
      Count me in!
    1. Flying Phil's Avatar
      Flying Phil -
      Would be nice to win this. Bell in Canada dosn't unlock as far as I know.
    1. kidujp's Avatar
      kidujp -
      Count me in
    1. kill2bill's Avatar
      kill2bill -
      Great, I want an unlock.
    1. chusfriends's Avatar
      chusfriends -
      All AT&T customers have the right to 5 unlocks for free... if they meet their requirements (current customer, not behind in payments...)

      ...you can do it online or over the phownas well... takes no more than 10 business days... just go to
      AT&T Wireless- What are the eligibility requirements for unlocking iPhone?

      I unlocked 3 iPhones alredy... THEY ALL SOLD ON THE SAME DAY!!!!

      .................why not getting extra unlocks here for free!! I could unlock my bro's iphone in Guatemala for free!!! ...hope I win!!!!!!
    1. bocas's Avatar
      bocas -
      Great news want it
    1. crazyxbo11's Avatar
      crazyxbo11 -
      iphone 5 right next to me, woot
    1. Shimizu1006's Avatar
      Shimizu1006 -
      This seems like it will come in handy. Thanks for the review!
    1. dustintinsley's Avatar
      dustintinsley -
      I so need this...
    1. solarseed's Avatar
      solarseed -
      hope i gets me this so i can use it when i start my new job in japan..
    1. DAhn626's Avatar
      DAhn626 -
      Ah i could definitely use this...my iphone 4 needs an unlock too.
    1. Trooper Sam's Avatar
      Trooper Sam -
      I'd be glad to win one of these unlocks as well. So they're real and permanent unlocks, as in they submit the IMEI to Apple and you unlock in iTunes?
    1. purplemonkeyspank's Avatar
      purplemonkeyspank -
      Just have to have paid one months bill and a small 15 charge here for three in the UK. Even if you're STILL in contract they'll unlock it.
    1. boredlikekrazy's Avatar
      boredlikekrazy -
      I hope this really works!
    1. norcalmike's Avatar
      norcalmike -
      Unlock would be nice
    1. e10100's Avatar
      e10100 -
      Awesome! much easier!
    1. MXCO's Avatar
      MXCO -
      I just got my iPhone 5 and I already got my h2o SIM card working with my iPhone 5 ill be posting a video soon
    1. xlnzee's Avatar
      xlnzee -
      Quote Originally Posted by KraXik View Post
      For those in the UK on O2 you can unlock your phone for free anytime by giving this form to O2 -


      No idea why they feel the need to lock your phone if they will unlock it at anytime...... *sigh*
      Didn't know this was possible, any idea how long this takes to get done after submitting the form?

      Count me in please!