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  • GIVEAWAY - Unlocking the iPhone 5

    A few million people got an iPhone 5 this morning.

    We're betting some of you are looking to unlock it - whether for resale value down the road, or to use a foreign SIM in the iPhone already (good luck though - your carrier will need a compatible nano-SIM).

    There's an abundance of sites offering unlocks. Some are legit, some are scams. We have used various ones in the past, and thought we'd share a couple we recommend now since iPhone 5 support has just been added (note - these services unlock other iPhones as well - 3G, 3G[S], 4, 4S).

    Neither of these services require a jailbreak, and both are permanent unlocks (you can update your firmware normally, etc, and your device will still be unlocked).


    iUnloc.kr is a newer service, but from guys who've been developing for iPhone for a while now. This service is wholly automated, with an emailed response when you're unlocked. Plus their site is pretty.

    They offer a variety of service speeds and prices:

    • 2-5 hour turnaround. on sale for $45.
    • 1 hour turnaround - $55.
    • 24 hour turnaround - $25.

    iUnloc.kr will also be releasing a Cydia app here in the next few days, which you can grab through the ModMyi repo. We'll update here when that's available.


    NegriElectronics has been around a long while, and has a reputation of quick customer service and quality products. They sell unlocked phones as a specialty, and their iPhone unlock is quick and effective. You also receive an email when your device is unlocked.

    The iPhone unlock service from NegriElectronics runs $120, but is on sale for $18.50. It is "instant," which is labeled as a 2-3 hour turnaround.

    You're in great hands with either of the above services - ModMyi.com recommends them (we should mention - we don't receive anything in exchange for these reviews, although we did test an unlock to verify it works with each service).

    We're also giving away 10 unlocks - 5 from iUnloc.kr, and 5 from NegriElectronics.com. Use the widget below to gain entries into the raffle, and we'll pick a winner Monday morning!

    This article was originally published in forum thread: GIVEAWAY - Unlocking the iPhone 5 started by Kyle Matthews View original post
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    1. sonic7x's Avatar
      sonic7x -
      Wow, I usually saw this on the net. But believe it was a scam. I've should of known this before I had to buy a special sim to by pass it. Sated of updating. This would be great for me =)
    1. NewD's Avatar
      NewD -
      Another legit place reasonable price is officialunlocks.com.

      Another $9 solution (and we all hope is legit) is an eBay seller called UnlockFusion. 99.5% positive feedback 65,000+ transactions. 12-24hr turnaround.

      There are many out there.
    1. AznDragonV's Avatar
      AznDragonV -
      I want this!
    1. matthewmspace's Avatar
      matthewmspace -
      I'd rather get it from someone I know, which is @chronic on Twitter (who said countless rumors to be correct or false and he was right all the time). He only charges $40 or up, depending on carrier and country. I actually got my 4S unlocked yesterday by him. Check him out.
    1. Iamaemokid's Avatar
      Iamaemokid -
      hopefully i win
    1. dstorrents's Avatar
      dstorrents -
      Very cool.
    1. bigstudio's Avatar
      bigstudio -
      The special hardware sim trays worked for me but sounds like these services are the way to go since they are permanent.
    1. hoits2000's Avatar
      hoits2000 -
      Wow, $25 to unlock an iphone 5? That is crazy, I'll do it soon as mine comes in, if I dont win.
    1. adnfusion's Avatar
      adnfusion -
      cannot get an i5.. but got a 4S from US which is locked.. Hoping to win an unlock TIA.
    1. blkcadi's Avatar
      blkcadi -
      Quote Originally Posted by NewdestinyX View Post
      Another legit place reasonable price is officialunlocks.com.

      Another $9 solution (and we all hope is legit) is an eBay seller called UnlockFusion. 99.5% positive feedback 65,000+ transactions. 12-24hr turnaround.

      Legit? Getting tired of hearing this from you. Literally I am aware of hundreds that never had an issue (including over 30 that I have personally done, they claim a 95% success rate, I have heard of a few that had issues, 4 perhaps. I have also read about issues with the seller you posted. What's up with that?
      Use it or don't use it, it is what it is.
      This is an open forum, so express your opinion, but unless you have fact to back up the "legitimacy" as you continually use, please allow members to decide, not a he said, she said.
      In fact, weren't you one of the people that used this company? Odd.
    1. Praneet's Avatar
      Praneet -
      I am waiting for the give away soooooo eagerly...Been using a locked at&t iphone 4 wid gevey fr sooo long and waiting fr iphone 5 to reach. An unlocked iphone 5 wud be a magical boon fr me.
    1. brownan's Avatar
      brownan -
      anyone know a company that does canadian iPhone 5 unlocks? more specifically rogers iPhone 5's
    1. Cowboy's Avatar
      Cowboy -
      Dang this is way legit and the companies that are doing this for modmyi are super legit as well.
      Glad Kyle has found some legit and recommenable companies to do this for us!

      Kyle your so legit! BOOOOMMMM FACT!
    1. 3zoooz's Avatar
      3zoooz -
      hope to win
    1. xCrims0nx's Avatar
      xCrims0nx -
      $25 for a 24 hour turn around sounds awesome!
    1. Jabbacks's Avatar
      Jabbacks -
      Wow, 5 free? Is it 1 for each winner or 5 for the winner?
    1. tampabuc2004's Avatar
      tampabuc2004 -
      I need to unlock one of my iphones so this might become useful
    1. moon#pie's Avatar
      moon#pie -
      pretty cool. not a bad price either
    1. kennyleeme's Avatar
      kennyleeme -
      This seems awesome. The service isn't pricey either!
    1. 14ra13's Avatar
      14ra13 -
      This would be amazing!