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  • Google: iOS 6 Users Should Still Use Google Maps

    Picture: Dan Cobley (Google)

    Apple has moved beyond Google Maps in iOS 6, bringing with it their own implementation of maps with service provided by TomTom. Some users arenít completely sold on the new Maps application yet. The new Maps application includes new features such as turn-by-turn navigation and Flyover view, but it seems some people just miss having Google Maps on their iOS devices.

    Dan Cobley, Google's UK marketing director, says iPhone 5 users can still continue to use Google Maps regardless of Apple's new mapping service taking over in iOS 6 according to a comment made on Bloomberg TV:

    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Cobley
    iPhone 5 users can still use Google Maps by downloading them or going to the Google Maps website... We believe Google Maps are the most comprehensive, accurate and easy-to-use maps in the world. Our goal is to make Google Maps available to everyone who wants to use it, regardless of device, browser, or operating system.
    Currently the only way anyone on iOS 6 would be able to use Google Maps is from Mobile Safari, unless Google has untold plans to bring a Google Maps application to iOS like they have with YouTube and Google Chrome. Using Google Maps through Mobile Safari is not the most pleasant experience in the world Ė animations from the Web browser are laggy and would fare much better in a standalone application.

    Google Maps was not a bad mapping service, but it doesnít offer a good navigation solution for iPhone users. In iOS 5, the Maps application was not capable of voice turn-by-turn navigation like it is in iOS 6. Even from Mobile Safari in iOS 6, Google Maps will not offer voice turn-by-turn navigation. This is an important feature because it keeps the userís eyes on the road for longer periods of time and reduces the chances of an accident. For this reason, many users downloaded expensive third party navigation software from the App Store as a replacement for the Maps application in iOS 5.

    Do you prefer Apple's new mapping service or Google Maps?

    Sources: Bloomberg via 9to5Mac
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    1. NewdestinyX's Avatar
      NewdestinyX -
      Quote Originally Posted by jOnGarrett View Post
      lmfao at all the iDiotic comments I'm reading about how iOS maps are better than Google's !! I cant believe that some people can be so blatantly dishonest.

      Any of you using Google maps on an iPhone have a stripped down and very limited version. Google maps on Android has literally dozens of features that are NOT available on iOS and will not be available on iOS maps.

      here's what Ive noticed since updating my iPhone 4S to iOS 6.

      - iOS maps is copying features from Google maps such as multi touch swipe to tilt the map & multi touch to rotate the map.
      - iOS maps 3D maps does NOT work. I pan over downtown Manhattan and there are NO 3D buildings. NONE, period.
      - iOS maps has no biking routes directions
      - iOS maps has no voice navigation with turn by turn
      - iOS maps has no places
      - iOS maps has no "layers" traffic, satellite, terrain, transit lines, latitude, my maps, cycling,.
      - iOS maps has no live traffic
      - iOS maps has no offline maps
      - iOS maps doesnt show subway and bus routes
      - iOS maps no street view
      - iOS maps have NO labs (labs lets you add plugins and such to the map app. so for example I have lab that lets me measure the distance between two points along with elevation information.)
      It's obvious you haven't even tried iOS maps in 6 yet. Half the things you list there ARE in iOS 6 maps. So you're just blowing smoke, an obvious Fandroid. Google Maps on iOS was a child's toy compared to the new iOS maps. No comparison. With the only exceptions being no StreetView yet and no Foot/Bike directions. I will miss those two. But there are at least 30 apps in the App Store that can get you the bike/walking functionality back - and as Andrew said - Apple will update it - don't worry. Nice implementation, Apple. For those who will dismiss me as an Apple Fanboy / I own both Apple and Samsung. Samsung doesnt get used so much anymore because Android is such a buggy operating system. Love the S3 screen but Android ruins the experience.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Outside of the USA Apple maps is a joke.

      But even in the USA, surely the lack of StreetView must annoy some of you? And if Turn by Turn Navigation is so important to you how come you haven't already bought a proper Satnav App?

      Even if the maps were as good here in the UK as Google Maps - which they are not bay a huge margin, I would still prefer Google Maps because of StreetView.

      I have updated my phone to iOS 6 but my iPad will remain on 5.11
    1. Moosestache's Avatar
      Moosestache -
      Push the home button, up pops siri, I say directions to joe's pizza, and up comes the directions, hit start and turn by turn voice directions start up. I have Garmin USA and use that all the time, but so far I haven't had any problems with the apple maps.
    1. Illmatic636's Avatar
      Illmatic636 -
      According to other sources, Google has submitted their Gmaps app to IOS.