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  • Some Users Experiencing Wi-Fi Problems After Upgrading to iOS 6

    Apple’s iOS 6 release didn’t came and went with a few minor hiccups, most notably an embarrassingly simple Wi-Fi snafu.

    The problem stems from the way mobile Safari handles network verification. In order to connect to a Wi-Fi network through Safari the browser loads a special page, which apparently went down earlier today.

    Based on the claims, the issue has arisen from a network verification process baked into the software, wherein the OS attempts to load a dummy page on Apple.com to detect if a users is connected to a paywalled network. Unfortunately, however, the verification page seems to lead to a 404 error, resulting in an inability to connect to Wi-Fi for many users. — AppleInsider
    The issue plagued iPad and iPhone users alike, but Apple appears to have fixed the issue for most users as the problem was server-side on Apple’s end. However, for those that are still having Wi-Fi troubles heading into your Wi-Fi settings and setting HTTP Proxy to auto is a potential solution. Others have had success simply resetting their network settings.

    Have any MMi readers run into problems after upgrading iOS 6?

    Source: AppleInsider
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    1. brandyn baker's Avatar
      brandyn baker -
      You have to update to 6.0 by computer (option click or shift click update) if you're on dev ios6, it won't show up in software update on the phone.
    1. artbatista's Avatar
      artbatista -
      I had this problem, drove me nuts for a couple of hours, then it went away.

      I though I was having problems with my ISP or something.

      Pretty stupid and shortsighted thing to do. Don't they know pages go down, even for the likes of Amazon and Apple?