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  • iPhone 5 Shipment Dates Slip Once Again to 3-4 Weeks

    Continued demand for Apple’s new iPhone 5 has caused shipping times to slip to 3-4 weeks from the Apple Online Store along with partner carriers and resellers seeing similar delays. After a large number of pre-orders filled up quickly and ended up eating away at Apple’s first batch of iPhone 5 units last Friday, demand for the new device remains strong as the company is continuing to push back shipping times as more orders continue to pile in.

    Apple just recently announced that the iPhone 5 saw over two million pre-orders in its first 24 hours of availability, while AT&T posted record numbers but failed to offer specifics. The pre-orders as many of you already know opened up last Friday at midnight Pacific time with such high interested that the Apple Online Store ended up burning through its stock in an hour. The company issued a statement later that day saying the following; “Pre-orders for iPhone 5 have been incredible. We’ve been completely blown away by the customer response.”

    Apple’s U.S. partner carriers such as AT&T and Verizon also show stockouts with both telecoms quoting delivery dates in two to three weeks for all iPhone 5 models. Even shipment times for Sprint, the last of the “big three” U.S. wireless carriers are beginning to sell out of its initial allotment, with the time slipping as well. Meanwhile, previously placed orders are already in transit to select customers with the iPhone 5 officially launching in nine additional countries on Friday as part of the fastest product rollout in Apple history as well.

    Source: Apple, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon
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    1. mlee19841's Avatar
      mlee19841 -
      Quote Originally Posted by wildgene789 View Post
      Why didnt you just preorder it?
      My girl didn't wake up in time. So now I'm stuck either standing in line or looking from Philadelphia to jersey for one tomorrow.
    1. Eddy91's Avatar
      Eddy91 -
      im not gettin mine till the 2nd, i ordered through three...gutted
    1. newyork0900's Avatar
      newyork0900 -
      The more I think about it, I get annoyed. I ordered my iPhone 5 on the 14th and will not receive it today 21st; according to my Apple order it will be between the 2nd and 8th October. I just think for a phone that I have paid £599 for, it is highly unprofessional and a disgrace; there is no excuse for a company as big as Apple to delay delivery this long.