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  • iOS 6 Begins Prompting Users to Download Apple's Free Apps Ahead of iOS 6 Launch

    Early this morning, Apple has pushed a server-side update to the iOS App Store on iOS 6 to prompt the user to download Apple’s available free applications when they open App Store. The prompt allows for the download of Podcasts, iBooks, iTunesU, Find My Friends, and Find My iPhone all with the tap of a button. The prompt reads:

    Quote Originally Posted by Apple
    To get the most out of your iPhone, we recommend these free apps from Apple.
    The new App Store prompt won't offer any insight on Apple's paid applications such as Pages, Garageband, and iPhoto for iOS. The user has the option to download all the free applications, as Apple wants you to do, or to close the interface if you’re not interested – if you choose close, it won't bother you again in the future. For people who are new to the iPhone as of iOS 6, the prompt may help with application discovery for those new users. In addition, it may spur application download numbers, which Apple will surely gloat about at their next keynote.

    Apple has been tweaking the iOS 6 App Store using server-side updates throughout the beta phase of iOS 6, including changing App Store application search results to a card-like interface instead of a simple application list like we are used to seeing. Apple has also taken advantage of server-side updating to make the App Store zippier in iOS 6.

    iOS 6 will be getting released to the public tomorrow, so the new Apple application download prompt was enabled just in time for users to begin updating and seeing it. Also with tomorrow’s iOS 6 release, users will be able to gain over 200 new and useful features on their iOS devices.

    Sources: 9to5Mac
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      Anonymous -
      Quote Originally Posted by Prgatica View Post
      Do you know when is it going to come out IOS 6 i thought it was the 17
      I believe the 19th.
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      Quote Originally Posted by iRevival View Post
      Is newsstand a downloadable app yet or are we still stuck with it?
      Go into Cydia and download: "NoNewsIsGoodNews" by BigBoss (Tweaks)

      This will "hide" that eye-sore "Newsstand" icon.