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  • 2nd Gen iPad May Sport Pricey OLED Display

    It could be expensive... but, boy, it would be awesome.

    That may be the thinking at Apple these days, as sources reveal to Taiwan's DigiTimes that the 2nd generation iPad model could serve up new OLED display technology that, while costly, would ramp up the iPad user experience to a whole new level.

    According to the DigiTimes this morning, Apple is already hard at work on the second generation iPad, a model that will reportedly utilize the same design concept employed for the iPhone 4G. This information comes from sources in the know from "the component industry." So, if the report is to be believed, the second generation iPad with the super-duper display will roll out sometime next year.

    Of course, the addition of an OLED display would seriously jack up the price of the iPad, perhaps even to a degree that will make the 2nd gen tablet out of financial reach for many. After all, the most expensive component of the current iPad is its LCD screen, which alone costs about $100. By comparison, a 9.7-inch OLED display - just the display - runs approximately $500. So it isn't impossible to envision a $1000 basic 2nd gen iPad model if the OLED display works its way into the mix.

    If you remember, however, there were similar rumors before the January 27th unveiling of the iPad that Apple had already lined up a deal to deliver OLED displays for the 1st gen iPad. Obviously, that didn't happen. The cost of doing so would have all but certainly crippled the tablet's affordability with many consumers. Unless the cost of OLED display technology dramatically tapers off in the next twelve months, Apple may very well have to scrap its OLED hopes once again.
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    1. iGuy's Avatar
      iGuy -
      And I thought the rumours about the 4G iPhone were bad enough, but already you're declaring what a new iPad will have! Has anyone got any pictures of it yet?
    1. jdyates's Avatar
      jdyates -
      Quote Originally Posted by bimmercub View Post
      if i remember correctly, flexible.
      A flexible iPhone/iPod Touch? WIN. Can't see it in the near future but, it sounds VERY "Minority Report...ish".
    1. reanimationxp's Avatar
      reanimationxp -
      How come every time I see something retarded posted on this site, it's got Messany's name under it?
    1. screamforme02's Avatar
      screamforme02 -
      price point will be fine next year. what does the saying about tech doubling every how often.. next june, OLED will be 'just' about standard, especially if apple is buying as many as they can get their hands on. welcome to the techno world.

      ps.. who are theses noobs questioning every thing?. the staff of this site would not be where they are, if the creators where not sure. stop hating. plz stop hating. this place has been RIGHT for a very long time. sry you just got a 3gs or even a 99$ 3g. go buy a revolutionary phone for 600 bucks and question these guys. it makes me sad, very sad...and than the trolls
    1. ddonuts4's Avatar
      ddonuts4 -
      that sounds costly- if thats really how much it will cost, apple wont do it yet. thats why they seem to have held off on oled screens on the iphone 4g. I thought oled screens were cheaper than lcd though.
    1. cheekydevil1234's Avatar
      cheekydevil1234 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jay316 View Post
      I've probably earned myself a reputation as not really caring about the iPad that much, I mean an OSX Netbook would have been way cool, but obviously Apple have to be different. But anyways, I really don't see what everyone is creaming themselves over OLED.....it's a light, thats all. Call me when the iPad has 160GB hard drive and oh I don't know, Bluetooth file transfer and a webcam and I might be interested, oh wait....no I'd still buy a netbook with OSX capabilities, thats runs "old clunky software"..... hang on a minute Steve, it runs OSX, does that mean that OSX runs "old clunky software" too? Seriously, since when have

      Apple been popular for making a product that people actually wanted. Don't get me wrong, some of their products, though overpriced are nice, but why not start listening to their customers and give us what we want....I know, it's because if the 3GS was released back in 07, they wouldn't have anything to release that would have "out done" the original. Research iBlueNova, that app makes my first gen iPhone better than any 3GS
      Sounds like someone can't afford an ipad
    1. dustin4vn's Avatar
      dustin4vn -
      i don't think apple will make it real... they are too cheap lol... seriously... the zune already has it, I mean the hardware in the zune is way way more expensive than ipod touch, just the software sucks. if apple is willingly to spend the money, and the original apple software itself, it'll be legendary. I've replace my iphone screen with an oled one made by other company, idk what they are, my cousin got it for me in vietnam, so idk. but i can clearly tells its oled since long bat life, n crystal clear image. its really nice.
    1. Evilsaint's Avatar
      Evilsaint -
      another year filled with rumours abt the nxt gen ipad has begun only to get dissapointed by apple or will they ^suprise us^ lol as i always say let jobs in his blue jeans unveil it before i beleive it :P
    1. Snootch's Avatar
      Snootch -
      As I see it... The only advantages OLED have over LCD right now are physical flexibility (not an issue in an iPad) and the extended battery life due to the display using less power, and better contrast. there are many better alternatives to an OLED display, Lower-power LCD displays using a optically-bonded transflective layer would be ideal. This would work much better for sunlight readability. OLED technology in a mobile device at this time is ideal for small devices (lower resolution & battery life) or custom (read: not flat)displays. I have a transflective LCD in my car, and when the sun comes through the glass and hits the display, it's just as bright and readable as when the sun isn't hitting it.
    1. zozodouce's Avatar
      zozodouce -
      Cant wait i'll take two of them hahahaha.