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  • Settle Down! Apple Confirms Late April Delivery of iPad 3G

    Sometimes it's impossible to trace the source of apprehension among buyers awaiting a product that they pre-ordered. For one reason or another, in fact, I've consistently heard from people asking if the "late April" arrival of the iPad 3G would be delayed. Of course, Apple has never publicly backed away from that promise, and if you remember correctly, the April 3rd release date of the basic Wi-Fi enabled iPad was similarly honored without a problem.

    This morning, however, Apple apparently reached a boiling point and simply had enough of all the make-believe "apprehension." As a result, Apple took swift efforts to calm nervous iPad buyers about this mythical potential delay that was apparently invented out of thin air. Today, Apple reached out to its iPad 3G customers in the US via email with a blunt message that made it clear - the iPad 3G is coming... and soon!

    To Our Valued Apple Customer:

    Thank you for your recent order of the magical and revolutionary iPad 3G.

    We would like to confirm that your order will be shipped in late April as communicated at the time you placed your order. You will receive a confirmation notice when your order has shipped.

    You can get up-to-date information about your order, including shipping status and tracking number, at Apple Order Status

    Thank you for choosing Apple.

    The Apple Store Team
    In recent weeks, we've heard that international orders have been backed up for as far as the eye can see - a situation that may have prompted some of the apprehension now tangible in the iPad marketplace. What's more, Apple is now saying on its website that it can no longer promise delivery of the iPad 3G before May 7th. This announcement must have similarly created confusion as folks who pre-ordered their iPad 3G might have assumed that the new May 7th arrival date applied to them. In reality, May 7th is only the arrival date for those who order their iPad 3G from this day forward.

    So, to reiterate, all is fine and dandy in Apple's inventory. And those who plopped down their credit card to get the iPad 3G in late April will still receive exactly what they were promised.
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    1. shizzabrick's Avatar
      shizzabrick -
      Quote Originally Posted by NessLookAlike View Post
      Ok, lets run through the math here. You're stuck paying at least $70/month for iPhone service through AT&T. The iPad 3G can get the same 3G service through AT&T for $30/month unlimited, and $15 for light use. The iPad can (and will) be set up to work as a phone through bluetooth, Google Voice, Skype, and whatnot. So for $30/month you can have unlimited internet and voie through the iPad, and you can stop and resume at any time. No 2-year contract.

      iPad: NO CONTRACT, $30/month for unlimited DATA and VOICE
      iPhone: CONTRACT, $70/month MINIMUM for unlimited DATA and VOICE

      So turn your "brilliant" scenario around: get the iPad 3G, tether your iPhone to it with MyWi, and use T-Mobile's Pay-As-You-Go for voice. Or do the same thing as the iPad phone scheme with the iPhone tethered to the iPad. There are plenty of guides around that will guide you through setting up free VoIP service on the iPhone.

      I really can't make this any more obvious for you.
      Tzones is slow, but five bucks a month for me.
      iPad needs faster internet. 15 bucks is not much to pay. If I run over, I'll tether to Tzones.

      Big deal.
    1. gautam's Avatar
      gautam -
      I have my droid I tether that with my wifi ver right now. I'll pickup a 3G version just for more space cuz I have 32 right now.
    1. NessLookAlike's Avatar
      NessLookAlike -
      Quote Originally Posted by shizzabrick View Post
      Tzones is slow, but five bucks a month for me.
      iPad needs faster internet. 15 bucks is not much to pay. If I run over, I'll tether to Tzones.

      Big deal.
      3G != EDGE, enjoy your slow, slow T-Mo interwebs.

      And yeah, what someone else said, the iPad is really great for some of us that don't have flashy top-notch smartphones as it is. As of right now I have a piece of junk that I'm trying to replace here, so I will force the iPad work for me just the way I'd like.