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  • A6 Processor Reportedly First to Use ARM's Next-Generation A15 Cortex Architecture

    Apple was pretty mum on the technical aspects of the A6 processor, not delving into the architecture, only mentioning itís smaller size, power efficiency, and increased computing power.

    However, new details have emerged that the new A6 chip in the iPhone 5 is based on Armís next generation Cortex A15 cores. Appleís iPhone 5 is the first device to utilize the new technology, beating both TI and Samsung to the punch.

    Appleís older iDevices utilized ARM Cortex 8 and Cortex 9 cores, with the next generation iPad utilizing the same 45nm technology of the A5 with a modified GPU array. The new A6 utilizes Samsungís 32nm LP HK+MG production process, allowing the dye size to shrink, power efficiency to increase, and computing power to increase as well.

    ARMís calls the A15s ďthe highest-performance licensable processor the industry has ever seen.Ē Well until their next processor comes out. Still the A15s will be featured in a bevy of new processors not yet on the market including the Tegra 4, Samsungís Exynos 5, and TIís OMAP 5 series processors.

    The A6 may only be a dual-core processor, but the combination of a quad-core GPU, and the latest ARM technology make the A6 a formidable beast. But, until the iPhone 5 goes through itís paces from the teardown experts, no one will know exactly the A6 is made of.

    Source: AnandTech
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    1. fredHD's Avatar
      fredHD -
      People like big numbers what you have to understand is iOS runs different from android it's a lighter system that run smoother and does require BIG NUMBERS I have a galaxy s2 an HTC one x idle without me doing anything my one x is at 700mb of ram out of 1Gb not much left is it ? Android battery life is very poor requiring too much processing power. So sometime it's not all about big numbers. Can't wait to try the iPhone 5 and I say well done apple it look amazing. Hate the plastic on my android phones.

      And for those that think apple didn't do much to the iPhone 5 design wise, read :
    1. xclusiveiphone's Avatar
      xclusiveiphone -
      Good news, Anantech just reported that iPhone 5 will have 1GB ram.

      Source: AnandTech - iPhone 5 Memory Size and Speed Revealed: 1GB LPDDR2-1066