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  • September 21st: The Critical Countdown for FedEx Begins

    While the package delivery business is commonly the craziest all year during the holidays, Christmas is coming early for FedEx. The venerable delivery service is said to be actively gearing up for a challenge not commonly seen so far out from the holidays.

    According to published reports Friday, all hands are on desk so-to-speak for Sept. 21st - the widely anticipated but still not confirmed release date for the new iPhone 5. As MMi reported Tuesday, Apple confirmed that it will show off the 6th generation smartphone next Wednesday.

    Presumably, the device will become available for preorders shortly after the press conference, with delivery coming on or around September 21st. Apple has a long and positive working relationship with FedEx - a relationship that will be powerfully constructive in the coming days.

    Early reports estimate that as many as 22-23 million iPhones may be sold between next week and the end of 2012. All told, that amounts to big business for Apple... and FedEx.

    Source: Venture Beat
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      Quote Originally Posted by thumper_net View Post
      Wont be sadly upgrading my iphone 4s i love apple products but like many people are fed up with the company , shame steve has gone as apple need a kick up the *** , and thinking just making the 4.3 screen to a 16.9 will wow people i dont feel this as no apps or games will display properly on it . I see alot of angry apple fans after the next iphone is released ,as the only way screen size should go is larger not longer

      Yea it's gonna look really strange if it's the same width but it's longer. But we will see in 2 days.... Still on the fence if I'm gonna jump on it or not. The vzw 4glte will be a sweet add on.(if it has it)