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  • Redesigned Headphones to Ship With Every Next-gen iPhone?

    Everyone has been uneasy about the next generation iPhone, expecting nothing other than a completely redesigned iPhone case with new hardware. Everyone may get that wish, but also a little more than he or she had in mind.

    So far we can expect to see a redesigned next generation iPhone and a redesigned 8-9 pin sync-cable, but a new video has appeared today on the Vietnamese news site Tinhte.vn that appears to show a pair of redesigned Apple headphones. If these are the real deal, it is likely that they will be shipping with each next-generation iPhone unit instead of the headphones that we've gotten used to for over five years, which are both despised and enjoyed by many people everywhere.

    These redesigned headphones appear to have a much more closed case than the previous headphones and a strange forward-shooting design with holes in front apart from the small opening that would be placed into the ear for sound. The previous headphones were literally just an open circle speaker that was placed into the ear without any strange design. Below is a side-by-side comparison picture by the same Web site with the discovery, followed by Apple's signature that says "assembled in Vietnam" instead of the common 'assembled in China' that we see on most of Apple's products.

    Taking a moment to let the design of these headphones sink in, they look too good to be any mock-up. The machined build quality of the plastic and rubber, the color and font of the label on the wire, and what appears to be a perfect color match of the plastic all add up to show what appears to be a legitimate design by Apple.

    Apple’s headphones definitely have a record of below-par sound quality compared to some popular aftermarket headphones, however it’s likely that this rumored redesign will not only look different, but also perform different. Apple currently offers two kinds of headphones – the normal kind you get with every iOS device and a higher quality in-ear version. Perhaps this redesign helps combine the two to bring the best of both worlds.

    With Apple having such a large footprint in the music industry with iTunes, it would only make sense for them to invest a little research in better sound quality for their top-of-the-line products, right? Check out the full video by Tinhte.vn below:

    Sources: Tinhte.vn via MacRumors
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    1. Techguy21's Avatar
      Techguy21 -
      Like it so much
    1. indyracer05's Avatar
      indyracer05 -
      I'm just going to say it. Apple earphones suck soooooo bad. They need to tune up their quality in the earphone department. Ik ik, they aren't an earphone company but they shouldn't compliment an amazing phone with ****** earphones. If Steve was all about having quality everything from the packaging to the inside details of the products, then why are they giving us ****** earphones?!! Ironic...
    1. skolpo's Avatar
      skolpo -
      Quote Originally Posted by Lecram25 View Post
      FYI: these are earphones, not headphones.
      Headphone is universal for any type of loudspeaker device that is held close to a user's ears.
    1. Donnutt's Avatar
      Donnutt -
      I have never minded the original apple earbuds, but I really only use them for phone and cycling. For noisy atmospheres I use the in ear ear buds, and honestly for everything else AirPlay is great! Just use the nearest apple-enabled home theatre!
    1. SAND33P's Avatar
      SAND33P -
      Quote Originally Posted by 1shuttle1 View Post
      If they don't occlude the ear canal they are not going to have very good bass. Why not just include the in ear phones that they sell for $79 dollars. Can't cost apple more then 10 bucks a set to mass produce those and they sound a way better then the ones they have now. The Galaxy 3 comes with headphones that are the equivalent to the 79 dollar ones Apples sells and they sound pretty damn good. If they can do it, why not Apple.

      If everyone had in ear headphones, Apple would undoubtedly be held responsible for the increased risk involved with not hearing the outside world. I should i know iv been hit by a car twice, through no fault of my own, but if i wasnt wearing my (epic) sony ericsson inears i would have heard the cars coming, which is why my in ears stay at home now

      But if apple managed to get good bass on those Im so getting a pair!!!
    1. Just Dummy's Avatar
      Just Dummy -
      I have never used the oem apple headphones and don't care too try these. I prefer a gel insert that makes for a comfortable experience.
    1. MAYORLIM's Avatar
      MAYORLIM -
      Weird design...But im hoping this would produce a better sound quality than its predecessor....
    1. Hellusion's Avatar
      Hellusion -
      The way which these new headphones are gonna plug into the ear reminded me of this old post
      How to Make the Most of Your Crappy iPod Earbuds
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      Quote Originally Posted by Googly2moogly View Post
      Wanna send me a pair? With mic?
      Haha! I'll have another pair when I get the new iPhone. I don't really use them as I still have the 1st pair
      By the way they are always on sale online cheap..take a look around.