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  • Apple Adds Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note, and Others to Injunction Request

    Apple recently added the Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, and the Galaxy S II in its various forms to complaint filed against Samsung in February.

    The February case is separate from Apple’s recent victory in another case which resulted in a jury awarding Apple $1.05 billion in damages from Samsung. However, the February case has resulted in a ban on the sale of the Galaxy Nexus phones in the U.S., but that injunction is currently pending appeal. The amended complaint, filed Friday, is seeking a similar ban against the sale of the Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note Tablet, and the Galaxy S II phones.

    Speculation regarding Apple’s intentions toward Samsung’s flagship phone the Galaxy S III has run rampant since the conclusion of Apple v. Samsung earlier this month. The inclusion of the Galaxy S III as well as the other devices make it obvious Apple’s intends to go for the jugular, attempting to cut off sales of Samsung’s most popular smartphone.

    However, the threat of a ban on Samsung’s popular device have apparently had an adverse effect, at least in Apple’s eyes, as the Galaxy S III is apparently flying off shelves. A U.S. survey conducted by Global Equities Research found that retailers like Costco, as well as T-Mobile and AT&T stores reported selling out of the device at more than one location.

    Source: PC World
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      If you spent every walking minute developing testing then selling the greatest widget the world has ever known and then Walmart decided to copy your idea change it just. A bit then throw there name on it and sell it as there's you would be mad as hell to. And well within your right to ask for sales to stop and to be compensated for your Loss.
      How old are you people that think theft of concept design and operation is alright?
      are you saying the galaxy S3 is a copy of an iphone? which one? i see ZERO similarity between the two, except that they are both phones. what am I missing here?