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  • Realistic Mockup of Fully-assembled Next-Gen iPhone Found at IFA 2012

    A recently released video from this week’s IFA consumer electronics show claims to be the first video that has captured a fully assembled iPhone 5. A closer inspection of the footage points to one of the more realistic mockups to date instead. According to the folks at GSM Israel, they stumbled upon the device at the booth of a third party accessory maker during its normal tour of the IFA show floor in Berlin. The device in the video has all the specs mentioned in rumors and leaks previously.

    The video can be found below:

    The device has the two-tone silver and white handset with finely brushed aluminum edges and buttons, a larger 4-inch display screen, and what appears to be a fully-assembled mini Dock Connector and rear-facing camera module. The surface of the device produces reflections that are similar to those of synthetic material compared to the traditional iPhone Gorilla glass, suggesting it’s a just a well-crafted mockup based on leaked parts and schematics.

    There were similar mockups of the second-generation iPad which mad the headlines back in January of 2012 when they were spotted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This was just weeks before Apple unveiled the curtain to the slimmer tablet. According to the analysis by the folks over at AppleInsider, a close up of the markings on the rear of the handset which read “Model NO. A1303” point towards a model number already used for the iPhone 3GS. The FCC ID of “BCGA1303A” was also the FCC ID for the iPhone 3GS. Nevertheless, the mockup in the video offers one of the best visual examples of what Apple’s next-generation iPhone is expected to look like when it’s debuted on September 12th.

    You can find some images of the mockup device below as well:

    Source: GSM-Israel via AppleInsider
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    1. ferris419's Avatar
      ferris419 -
      I'm buying it no matter what it looks like I don't buy phones for an accessory .... I buy phones based on how well they work and so far I am very pleased with my iPhone.... I've never had my iPhone "force close" an app ....
    1. fredHD's Avatar
      fredHD -
      The headphone jack would be at the bottom maybe for that reason ( just other rumours ) http://www.inrumor.com/wp-content/th...-connector.jpg

      Quote Originally Posted by ferris419 View Post
      I'm buying it no matter what it looks like I don't buy phones for an accessory .... I buy phones based on how well they work and so far I am very pleased with my iPhone.... I've never had my iPhone "force close" an app ....
      Agree and +1 to the force close I have a htc and it keeps doing it without even using the phone.
    1. Lem0nGrenades's Avatar
      Lem0nGrenades -
      If you watch the video in HD, you can see that the reflective Apple logo on the back has a textured foil look to it. It's hard to describe, but it's not something apple would do. Look for yourself. An obvious fake.
    1. brownlace's Avatar
      brownlace -
      That **** is ugly
    1. MAYORLIM's Avatar
      MAYORLIM -
      This is a FAKE iPhone 5....IMO
    1. vbuen323's Avatar
      vbuen323 -
      Quote Originally Posted by waye2 View Post
      copied from the comments on this video, making sense for me! make sure to look at the back of your device the last thing is IC and not ID which makes it obviously fake
      reasons I Think its fake
      1. iPhone font is wrong
      2. the writing under iPhone previous iPhones say "model" and not "model NO"
      3. the writing under iPhone previous models have a ":" after "ID" and not just "."
      4. the writing under iPhone previous models have a format of MODEL ID IC this has MODEL ID ID
      5. the writing under iPhone has inconsistent spacing compared to previous iPhones
      6. the mute switch does not have the orange strip indicating mute
      but this is just an OPINION, can be very wrong
      irfaanfaki 16 minutes ago
      The article states "Mockup".........
    1. crouching's Avatar
      crouching -
    1. thazsar's Avatar
      thazsar -
      Quote Originally Posted by vbuen323 View Post
      The article states "Mockup".........

      C'mon people, the second word in the title says MOCKUP...we know it's fake!