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  • Samsung Verdict Isn't Scaring HTC Into Settling With Apple

    Last week, as a California jury awarded Apple one billion in damages from the alleged iDevice copiers at Samsung, HTC was likely weighing its own options as the company continues to wage war with Apple in the courtroom.

    Although we don't know for sure what executives for HTC thought as the verdict was read on Friday, it doesn't appear that Samsung's smackdown intimidated HTC in any significant fashion. As a result, new reports are coming to light Wednesday to suggest that HTC isn't going to back down one bit.

    "HTC and Apple have been battling over patents," Digitimes reported this morning. But according to Cher Wang, chairperson of HTC, "despite Samsung's recent lawsuit loss, HTC does not have any intentions to settle."

    HTC, which makes a plentiful bounty of Android-powered devices, could gain immeasurably from a victory against Apple. And so the company is allegedly planning to double-down on the case and give Apple the fight of its life in court.

    Wang noted that HTC has great skills in innovation and has the confidence to face legal lawsuits with Apple. Samsung's loss, added Wang, does not mean the failure of the entire Google Android ecosystem.
    HTC, however, hasn't focused all of its energy on the legal skirmish. In fact, the hardware giant is expected to release at least three new Android devices before Apple's 6th generation iPhone likely reaches consumers in late September.

    Source: Digitimes
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    1. Dark_Ninja's Avatar
      Dark_Ninja -
      Quote Originally Posted by subywrex View Post
      the thing with android, is that they dont really directly copy apple. Its the hardware companies like Samsung that come in and they make additions to android with touch wiz and stuff. That is what i believe is infringing patents.
      Which is why apple isn't suing google. But google has grounds to sue apple if it wanted.
    1. Glocknine's Avatar
      Glocknine -
      Quote Originally Posted by KraXik View Post
      HTC shouldn't be scared. Samsung were stupid and obviously copied making almost identical phones! At least HTC phones look different. And they are cheap and plasticy, nothing like the expensive glass iPhones.
      Android phones plasticy? Sure whatever and iphone is expensive glass? What about hardware performance? Android phones can slap iphone all year long! In my case when im comparing my 4s to my s3 iphones looks cheap and dont have many things to offer compared to galaxy s3
    1. Gamemaster77's Avatar
      Gamemaster77 -
      Quote Originally Posted by blwallace5 View Post
      Lol. How dare you purchase things just because you like them!
      I'm not bashing Apple, I'm bashing the people who agree with the one who said "they are cheap and plasticy, nothing like the expensive glass iPhones." As if the price somehow magically makes it better...