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  • This Mac App Can Alert You of Battery Percentages With Notification Center

    OS X Mountain Lion is still a pretty fresh release from Apple and already, developers are taking advantage of one of its best features; like Notification Center. The application we’re showing you today is called Battery Time Remaining and it will display a banner notification when your battery reaches certain battery percentages, which are chosen by the user.

    Above is an example of what one of these battery notification banners would look like. It tells you not only the current battery percentage, but also the estimated amount of time remaining before the battery dies.

    Battery Time Remaining places a new icon on your Menu Bar that looks almost identical to the already-existing battery icon. The only real difference is that when you click on it, you will see new options that you have never seen in the battery icon before. This is how you can easily distinguish between the two without getting confused and the options are shown to you below:

    When clicked on, the Menu Bar icon shows you the following information:
    • Battery percentage left and capacity in mAh
    • The current source of power – plugged in or battery
    • The amount of charge cycles on the battery
    • The amount of power usage from the battery
    • The current temperature of your battery

    In addition to these details, the application comes with the option to start up every time you turn on your computer and the ability to move between advanced mode and normal mode – normal mode hides most of the information bulleted above so that users that have no idea what the information means can just hide it on demand. The icon also includes a shortcut to System Preferences' Energy Saver preferences pane, an update checker, and the ability to quit the application when you don't want to use it. Notifications for battery life can be set at increments of 5% anywhere from 100% down to 5%.

    As you saw the banner notification above, it's important to note that this application is fully compatible with OS X Mountain Lion's Notification Center and notifications will stack there as well:

    The latest version of Battery Time Remaining can be downloaded from this link. Please note that Battery Time Remaining is not compatible with Windows – only Macs running OS X Mountain Lion. When you download the file, you will be presented with a .zip file that you will need to extract and then you will find the application with a battery icon. You can drag the battery icon to your Applications folder on your dock and launch it to use it:

    From our testing, the application appears to work well at alerting us about our battery as it starts to drain. We would recommend setting a marker every 15-25% because it will be less obtrusive than setting a notification every 5%. The application is useful because sometimes you’re just having too much fun or you’re just too busy to remember to glance at the Menu Bar and when this happens, your battery just gets low and it’s game over. Check it out!

    Sources: GitHub via OSX Daily
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    1. mattdonut's Avatar
      mattdonut -
      cool little app
    1. Senyaichiya's Avatar
      Senyaichiya -
      With the new update can you see your battery percentage again?
    1. bschwalbz's Avatar
      bschwalbz -
      Prep for Lawsuit
      Duracell lookalike
    1. cranko's Avatar
      cranko -
      finally i can ditch the hardwaregrowler the memory hog. Thanks
    1. BenderRodriguez's Avatar
      BenderRodriguez -
      I like SlimBatteryMonitor itz freee and theres MORE options, like hiding the battery symbol and change the color of the batter icon
    1. n0id's Avatar
      n0id -
      Quote Originally Posted by Senyaichiya View Post
      With the new update can you see your battery percentage again?
    1. c0dy's Avatar
      c0dy -
      it's not working on my iMac. What's up with that?