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  • Apple (Kinda) Acknowledges iPad WiFi Issues, (Sorta) Suggests Workarounds

    Some iPad owners began reporting WiFi problems after bringing their new iPads home on Saturday, but Apple has been silent on the matter until today. In a new Knowledge Base article, Apple notes that iPads may have connectivity issues and offers ways of dealing with it. However, the workarounds mentioned have not solved all problems, and at least one user found that a replacement iPad worked fine.

    Several different WiFi-related problems have been reported so far. The most common appears to be weak and/or unstable connections. Many users that tried to reconnect to to home or hotspot networks after waking their iPads from sleep found that the device wouldn't reassociate. Apple issued a Knowledge Base article Saturday ("Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections") that many users found… well, kind of lame: it offered generic advice such as "Move closer to the Wi-Fi router or hotspot" and "verify the Wi-Fi router is connected to power and turned on."

    The Knowledge Base article posted today acknowledged that "under certain conditions," the iPad does not reconnect to a wireless network after waking from sleep. The problem is limited, according to Apple, to multiple-band a/b/g wireless gateways where the same network name is used for multiple bands. The suggested workaround is that users set up separate network names for each band and make sure the same encryption methods are used for the different bands.

    Some posters to the support forums noted that the problem went away when they set the iPad's brightness above minimum. And one iPad user took their problematic iPad back to the Apple Store for exchange, and didn't experience the problem with the replacement unit, suggesting that this is a manufacturing issue with certain iPads.
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    1. Bill69's Avatar
      Bill69 -
      That happens to my iPhone multiple times a day didn't ghotz say there was a problem with the wifi? Maybe it's the same issue
    1. lolcats1's Avatar
      lolcats1 -
      dangit! my wifi isn't working! now i can't download books!
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      That joke never took off...
    1. hacktarded1's Avatar
      hacktarded1 -
      Been having inconsistent wifi the entire time I've had mt iPad. Finally took it in to be replaced yesterday. They said they had not heard about the issues and after checking it over, replaced mine with a new one. New pad has same issue (big surprise seeing that it is was probably from the same manufacturing batch as my first one) planning on waiting a month or so to see if they fix it through a firmware update, if not I'll return it again and hopefully get one from a different manufacturing batch.

      It's not really bothering me that much, it's annoying that it's not perfect, but i still love my iPad.
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Quote Originally Posted by StealthBravo View Post
      They have the best customer service when it comes to fixing these issues.
      I agree 100% on Apple's willingness to fix anything. Dust under your screen: no problem. Your battery seems to drain quickly: no problem. Issues with wifi: no problem. Screen issues: no problem.

      Since everything they build is a package, hardware and OS, they are able to put a better customer service behind them because it is complete machine and not built from many different things from unapproved third parties.
    1. chuckiecheese's Avatar
      chuckiecheese -
      I have the same problem. I have to have the brightness slider above minimum for wifi to stay on after sleep. If it's on the minimum then I lose wifi after sleep but can connect again with no problems in settings.
    1. salayyad's Avatar
      salayyad -
      lets see i have apple extreme base station dual band router. i have no problems. i go over to my brothers place where he has a linksys dual band router, i automatically connect and have no issues. i love my iPad and i love being an early adopter.

      Quote Originally Posted by dbizzy1 View Post
      So what do you guys think? WiFi or 3G+WiFi
      unless you dont mind paying for two data plans, than the 3g. i know its not a contract but i would rather use my wifi tethering on my wifi only ipad.

      I think the biggest bonus is the built in GPS on the 3g version BUT i havent had any problems with my IPad locating me on anything location based. its pretty accurate even when im tethered to my phone. so its really your call.
    1. vtx1029's Avatar
      vtx1029 -
      I've only had one problem with the wifi on mine. it happened when I was surfing and dropped in and out (I was 5 feet from my router) it kept asking for the network password. I shutdown and restarted the ipad and its been working fine since.
    1. br8thw8's Avatar
      br8thw8 -
      I have a Netgear Tri-band and have no issues at all. I love this thing to pieces! I'm not even playing with my iPhone anymore! And I don't know about anyone else, but how do you run the battery down on this thing? I can't get it below 30%! I don't even charge it every night. In fact on launch day it had 90% out of the box. The Apple reps said to run the battery down completely then charge it fully. Well I played with it continuously until it was bedtime. I set it to download movies via WiFi (on a pathetically slow hotel connection) overnight. It was continuously downloading over Wifi for 8 hours and in the morning it was at 30%! What the freak! I couldn't believe it.

      Me happy. Now all I need is for stupid AT&T to hurry up and start allowing tethering on my iPhone, or someone here figure out how I can jailbreak my iPhone on 3.1.3!
    1. s4mb4's Avatar
      s4mb4 -
      Apple Airport Extreme + iPad 16GB = zero issues for me.
    1. tsatryan's Avatar
      tsatryan -
      I have no problems with using my Airport Extreme, or the Linksys routers at my office. But, if I am connected via MyWi, when I shut the MyWi down, the iPad will stay stuck on that router, not recognizing that it is no longer available, and fail to switch automatically to the other available routers.
    1. happypappy's Avatar
      happypappy -
      Quote Originally Posted by tsatryan View Post
      I have no problems with using my Airport Extreme, or the Linksys routers at my office. But, if I am connected via MyWi, when I shut the MyWi down, the iPad will stay stuck on that router, not recognizing that it is no longer available, and fail to switch automatically to the other available routers.
      Same thing happens to me with mywi. I have also noticed since installing mywi the battery is draining much faster even when mywi isnt in use. Anyone else have this issue?
    1. tonypward's Avatar
      tonypward -
      I am one of the lucky ones to own an iPad in the UK. Not trying to make you envious but my choice the WiFi only, as I have an iPhone 3gs and currently use PDANET but it is not working at the moment so trialing MyWi and I am impressed.
      I am on a pay as you go sim with T-Mobile with excellent 3g coverage, 10 per month - unlimited text and unlimited internet and you get to use the 10 for calls, 3g ipad why?

      Just subscribed to Zinio and Maxim (7 - $11) no problems with the Zinio reader just flick the pages over no problem very quick. Any ideas for an iPad/iPhone mag, cheap of course?