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  • Picture Leaked Showing Possible Next-Gen iPhone Sync Cable

    We have seen tons of pictures of the supposed smaller iPhone dock connector on the bottom of the next generation iPhone’s new case design, however we have yet to see what the actual cable should look like. Feast your eyes; above is a picture of what is rumored to be the next generation iPhone’s sync cable that will come with every unit. Noticeable right off the bat is the smaller end that gets plugged into the iPhone with 8 pins.

    One observation about the cable pictured above is that it appears to be a bit longer than the current generation sync cable. This would allow for longer extensions from our iPhone to the charging location and offer a not-so-limited environment for charging the device. If this is the case, then Apple has made many dreams come true in the world of charging – in fact, many third party companies have made longer charging cables for iOS devices exactly for the reason of giving the user more play room.

    Apart from the obvious changes to the iPhone side, the USB end looks unchanged, meaning Apple still plans to use USB and not take advantage of Thunderbolt for faster syncing. With the introduction of the MacBook Pro with retina display at this year’s WWDC event, the computers came equipped with USB 3.0 technology – it is still unknown whether the sync cable for the next generation iPhone will be USB 3.0-ready, or if it will still run on the slower USB 2.0 technology. USB 3.0 would offer much faster sync speeds for iTunes content like music and applications.

    The next generation iPhone is expected to launch next month and with all the rumors and photographs showing the smaller connector as the new way to charge the device, the cable pictured above (or something very similar) is very likely what we will be getting. There is no way at this point in time to confirm or deny if this is the real cable, but time will tell.

    Sources: iLounge
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    1. teej1410's Avatar
      teej1410 -
      Actually now that I think about it, I can't wait till Apple puts wireless charging in the phones without the use of a mod or case.
    1. Shigoroku's Avatar
      Shigoroku -
      Quote Originally Posted by Breezy215 View Post
      It would be pimp if it were MagSafe...
      I've been thinking this was a possibility since I first heard of the new, smaller connector rumor. However, I can think of one reason why it might not be possible or practical: The magnetic part would attract magnetic particles (little bits of iron) over time and you wouldn't be able to get them out of the connector. Look at the MagSafe on a Macbook and you'll see that it's easy to wipe-off anything that collects around the contacts. I don't think that would work with the new iPhone 5 because the contacts are inside the device.

      I still hope it's reversible. That would be great!