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  • AT&T Accused of Violating FCC Rules over FaceTime over Cellular Restriction

    The digital advocacy organization, Public Knowledge, has accused AT&T of violating FCC rules on net neutrality with its new policy regarding the use of FaceTime over Cellular. Just last week, AT&T had announced that it will only allow users on its new Mobile Share data plans to use the new FaceTime over Cellular service in iOS 6. A senior staff lawyer for Public Knowledge told the New York Times that it felt AT&T was violating FCC rules which state that service providers would not “block applications that compete with the provider’s voice or video telephony services.”

    John Bergmayer, the lawyer for the organization, noted that “there is no technical reason why one data plan should be able to access FaceTime and another not.” An argument like this one could also be made for tethering the iPhone to a laptop though, however, it isn’t clear what AT&T service Public Knowledge feels FaceTime is competing with. The rule in question is designed to prevent ISP’s from blocking things such as VoIP apps or Netflix that compete with their own products.

    An AT&T spokesperson responded to the allegations with the following statement:

    FaceTime is available to all of our customers today over Wi-Fi, and we’re now expanding its availability even further as an added benefit of our new Mobile Share data plans.
    As of right now, the FCC has no comment about the matter. In the meantime, iPhone owners will remain unaffected by the policy until FaceTime over Cellular is enabled in iOS 6 later this year. Those who use jailbreak tweaks to currently use FaceTime over Cellular should also be careful once the iOS 6 rolls out, as this feature might be picked up on by AT&T, similar to how tethering can be detected by AT&T as well (presumably).

    Source: New York Times
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    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      That makes me a sheep. And being half Welsh that makes me very scared....
    1. trek-life's Avatar
      trek-life -
      Violence is a part of life. Every human being that exist today would not be here without some form of violence. Countries, tribes and familys have gone to war since the dawn of time over everything from land to slight disrespect.

      Of course in an everyday setting it should be avoided, however it isn't far fetched (nor Jersey Shore) to get punched in your mouth for running it out of place to the wrong person. I feel that's a good thing actually. Not that everyone run around punching each other. Put the idea that those people out there that feel entitled and act rude for no reason somehow "learn a quick lesson" makes me happy.

      Either way, sorry for the change of direction in this post. I'm really a nice guy if you get to know me LOL Plus the last place I take seriously is the Internet.
    1. iPhonePutz's Avatar
      iPhonePutz -
      Guys - thanks for a good laugh. The last few posts were excellent. I love the sheepdog analogy.

      Trek - what I've failed miserably at pointing out is that asking someone to take a conversation private in no more disrespectful than than having said conversation. Your assumption that I got in your little girl's face and told her to shut the f up is what spun me up. I'm all for the kick in teeth when someone is being an a-hole and think they should be called out for it. At the same time, people need to look in the mirror from time to time and look at their own actions.
      I spend a huge part of my life on airplanes and am dreading the day that cellular service is available in flight because I know it will be abused. It's bad enough 30seconds after a plane touches down because people can't wait 5 more minutes to get int eh terminal to make those oh so important phone calls. Social etiquette and little common courtesy go a long way towards preventing those "punch in the mouth" situations from ever arising in the first place.

      So how about those punks at AT&T blocking our FaceTime?
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      I don't understand how people think that punching other people is not only acceptable but common. It is not either.
      I would hate to live somewhere where violence is actually accepted!