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  • iPad Jailbreak: Rumor Roundup
    A quick look at the status of an iPad jailbreak.

    While there's no official word from anyone, MuscleNerd tweeted "spirit," a jailbreak solution being worked on by comex, should work on an iPad without any modification:

    "spirit" by @comex is pretty solid already. In fact, the expectation is it'll work during iPad testing as-is, no changes needed.

    Neither geohot nor the DevTeam have said anything yet... but geohot's got his iPad.

    So far saurik's only comment has been "Cydia on the iPad will happen if a jailbreak is released." Here's hoping someone releases something... but when? We've also heard from saurik's Twitter:

    I, and many others, are hoping for a delayed release of any iPad jailbreaks, to allow the same exploit to be used on 3.2 iPhones.
    Which makes sense. As we and many others have pointed out many times, there's a finite amount of exploits available on these devices, and there's no reason to use them up on minor releases (the same reason we don't have a 3.1.3 un-tethered jailbreak yet) when we're confident major ones are coming soon.

    So will there be an iPad jailbreak tomorrow? Not likely. But you can bet safely on one being released soon after the 3G models come out, or when the iPhone/iPod Touches get 3.2. iPads are in too many devs hands not to be.
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      z3r01 -
      im gonna have spots im a dev yay
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      confucious -
      ^ I read the first part of that and thought it's because you're a teenager....

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      Quote Originally Posted by confucious View Post
      Stealth - if a Dev has added my UDID for something else, will I be able to use it for 4.0 beta? Or do I need to be added again?
      Yes, just make sure they keep you on there and it should work. If you try and for some reason it doesn't work, just get a hold of me and I can add you to my account.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Cheers Stealth. Hopefully I won't need to and you can give your slots to someone more deserving but thanks for the offer.
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      Won't be long now...
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      confucious -
      He wasn't too far behind.
      on Twitpic
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      ebrunn -
      The comments on his blog are hilarious. Some of these people need to be on mediation.

      "When is 3.1.3 coming out"

      "After i look at it again for a second time, i have to agree to many people it's look fake to me..."

      "This is FAKE~try to use the photoshop check it"

      " He probably will not have you seen the ego on this kid. I guess he deserves it, but he doesnt care about you or me or anybody but himslelf. He is a selfish kid. So either let apple rule the iphone or give support to the dev-team because there the only ones who care about the people"

      "How is that sound for a person who create a need and took it away from their dependants?"
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      Lovin the iPad
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      Posted from my iPad
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      Jailbreak will be out any day.
      Maybe it can fix your sticking caps lock.
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      Quote Originally Posted by confucious View Post
      Jailbreak will be out any day.
      Maybe it can fix your sticking caps lock.
      lol. That cracked me up.