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  • Potential Next-Gen iPhone Logic Board Leaked

    The French site, Nowhereelse.fr recently pointed toward two new photos that were originally posted on its Chinese forum, Weiphone. The photos in question appear to be the front and back of what is being claimed to be the next generation iPhone logic board (the part that houses the processor and other support chips for the device). The board seems to be different from both the logic boards seen in Appleís iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

    According to Nowhereelse, the screw holes of the logic board seem to line up exactly with those found in the previously leaked shells. The site even created an animated GIF which showcases the holes lining up. Here, the images seem to be mirrored to provide extra clarity.

    There have been quite the number of part leaks for the next-generation iPhone over the past few weeks and the trend is likely to continue until the release of the announcement. This isnít exactly a new phenomenon as it seems to repeat itself every year, considering we saw the iPhone 4S logic board last year pre-release, which helped reveal an A5 processor for the device. This leak isnít as revealing but still seems to provide some insight into what to expect. The increased number of part leaks is likely to correspond with the belief that the Cupertino California company is already ramping up production of the next-generation iPhone. Apple is expected to launch the iPhone on September 12th so stay tuned for more news as it is released!

    Source: Nowhereelse via Weiphone
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    1. H4CK3R's Avatar
      H4CK3R -
      People assume far too much in these news threads. They're SUPPOSEDLY gonna be in the next model, they're not GUARANTEED to be in the next model. You have to wait and see for the final result before you can judge it.
    1. James Hall's Avatar
      James Hall -
      Just like the "new iPad" it will be the "new iPhone"
    1. plcrules's Avatar
      plcrules -
      that doesnt look like a nano sim tray looks like a micro sim tray
    1. jackbauerctu's Avatar
      jackbauerctu -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rob2G View Post
      It will be iPhone 6 if it even has a number attached to it at all.
      iPhone (original) 1
      iPhone 3G 2
      iPhone 3GS (black or white. Color doesn' matter) 3
      iPhone 4 (black or white. Gsm and CDMA) 4
      iPhone 4S (black or white.) 5
      New upcoming iPhone (black or white or whatever color) 6. I'll bet my iPad that the people calling it the iPhone 5 are wrong. It will be the iPhone 6 or just iPhone.

      color and gsm/CDMA don't matter when it comes to the number.

      I'm gonna bet that Apple is gonna stick with what they did for the iPad....I think instead of numbering this iPhone, they're just gonna call it "The New iPhone". I don't agree with this logic at all, since it leaves some issues for future generations...what will they call the 7th gen iPhone? The New New iPhone? The NEWER iPhone? But Apple has always done whatever it wanted anyway.

      Quote Originally Posted by saleen_GT View Post

      S for speed (performance)
      Every 2 years generation of iPhone changed not every year with Miner upgrade of hardware

      Before anyone bashes me, I am an apple fan. I've had an iPhone since the 3G. But really, I've skipped all of the "S" models because I feel like the "S" stands for SUCKER. As in....if you have an iPhone 3G, go on and buy another iPhone 3G...SUCKER...because we really want your money so we're gonna sell you a phone that performs slightly better, but we'll also include a compass!!! Or if you have an iPhone 4....here, buy this new iPhone 4...SUCKER! You can't even tell the difference between the two, but we promise it's better because, again, like it's predecessor, it performs slightly better, but look at the camera! It's super awesome compared to the iPhone 4 you bought a year ago! And look, if you really NEED to be able to tell the difference between the old iPhone 4 and the new one, we'll throw in ONLY feature that will help you do that. Siri. HEY! Maybe we can say the iPhone 4"S" stands for SIRI! ....nah....you're still a SUCKER! Apple thanks you for your extra money! Stay tuned for the latest and greatest NEXT YEAR so you can give us your money again!!

      Just for the record, Again, I'm not an apple hater. I love my iPhone 4, and I will be buying the next gen iPhone when it comes out this fall!
    1. plcrules's Avatar
      plcrules -
      that sim tray is way to big to be built for a nano sim looks more like a micro sim
    1. Mrteacup's Avatar
      Mrteacup -
      Quote Originally Posted by NakedFaerie View Post
      Your the one with the flawed logic. There is NO DIFFERENCE between a black and a white iPhone.
      It's an iPhone 4 and its black or white but its still a iPhone 4.

      If the next iPhone is going to be 5 for numerical order then WHERE is the iPhone 2?

      The iPhone 4 was the 4th generation, thats why it got its name. The 4S is the 5th generation but they called it 4S instead of a 5.

      Again Apple dont have a clue how to name a device and just go at it all stupidly. The next iPhone name wont have any thought to it and will probably be named iPhone 7 or something stupid like that. It might even be the iPhone 2 for all we know?
      If they were smart at naming their devices then we wouldn't have 2 iPads named "iPad" It would be iPad and iPad 3.
      Uhm.. You never heard of the death grip or something?

      The s stands for siri this time that's what an apple executive said on some interview
    1. NakedFaerie's Avatar
      NakedFaerie -
      Quote Originally Posted by Mrteacup View Post
      Uhm.. You never heard of the death grip or something?

      The s stands for siri this time that's what an apple executive said on some interview
      Yea, of course I've heard of it.
      If the S stands for Siri then explain the 3GS...
      S stands for Apple beings Stupid.

      And to all, I'm not an Apple fan but I am an iPhone fan as I've had an iPhone since the first one. I dont get the S models as I dont see any real need for those models. I have an iPhone1, 3G, 4 and iPad and iPad3.
      As a job I jailbreak them so I know a lot about them.
      So I do know a lot about the iPhones and I read this site daily. I just see what Apple do as wrong and not the smart way. They could've released the iPhone 4 as the first iPhone but they want to drag it out as long as possible and make more money from stupid people.
      If you look at the iPhone 1 it has a lot LESS features than a $20 phone that was 5 years older when the iPhone got released. It was a stupid phone that lacked a lot of basic features. I upgraded from a iMate JasJam which can do about the same as a 3GS but it was more friendlier.
      The JasJam was and I still think a better Smart Phone than the iPhone was. Now its slower than the iPhone 4. and 4S but its as smart and how old is that now? 6 years? older? I dont know but if Apple copied from that and made a better phone they would've released the iPhone 4 instead of the iPhone 1.