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  • Mobile Safari in iOS 6 Has the Fastest HTML 5 Rendering of All Mobile Devices

    When it comes to rendering HTML5 on mobile devices, Apple’s Safari still seems to handle it better than its competing browsers, even faster than the unreleased Internet Explorer 10 browser for Windows Phone 8. According to the folks over at WPCentral, they ran some tests and used existing data to pit the browsers against one another.

    The same test being conducted using JavaScript resulted in Internet Explorer 10 doing a lot better than both Safari under iOS 6 beta and Android. It should be noted here that Jelly Bean was not tested in this experiment. Although SunSpider showed Windows 8 pulling ahead for Javascript, Apple’s Safari in iOS 6 beat all the competition when it came to the HTML5 rendering. The score for Safari under iOS 6 came in with a total of 360 points plus 9 bonus points, with Windows Phone 8 trailing behind with a score of 300 plus 6 bonus points, while Android 3.0 managed a 280 plus 3 bonus points.

    One thing to note is that both Safari under iOS 6 and Internet Explorer 10 are both unreleased to the general public, as they are both in beta. These numbers will likely change between now and when they are released publicly. It will definitely be interesting to see how the release candidates will do. Furthermore, it’ll also be interesting to see how Android Jelly Bean fares in comparison.

    Source: WPCentral via iMore
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    1. Gervs's Avatar
      Gervs -
      Yes, let's focus on speeding up mobile safari so iOS users can get more done before it quits on them. Stabilise it then worry about speed.
    1. uri8472's Avatar
      uri8472 -
      What I am wondering about is speed for other than simply HTML 5. More and more sites are just combining old HTML4-era code and ajax and sometimes what you have is a slow mess, especially on mobile devices. (when viewing full versions of such sites.) Safari in iOS 5 seems to cope a lot better with it than previous versions of the OS that I've seen tested within the last few months. The problem that I see is that more and more sites seem to believe that JavaScript is a suitable replacement for HTML and more and more sites and becoming completely useless without it, and since mobile deices used on low capped plans and/or in area where speed is frequently limited, this is a problem.