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  • iPad Insurance Covers Vandalism, But Not Nuclear War
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGUppxoJUVg&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - Brand new ipad getting smashed by a baseball bat[/ame]

    Suppose you get a new iPad and it's stolen by a bunch of hooligans who want to destroy it - but can't think of a more creative way to trash it than dropping it and hitting it with a baseball bat - and videoing it to put on YouTube - but can't manage to hold the camera steady on the destruction? Or suppose you are having a beer while watching a video on your new iPad, and you see something funny and spit all of your refreshing beverage out on the shiny ten-inch screen? What will you do?

    Fortunately, there is already a third-party insurer who has stepped forth with a solution. For as little as $45 a year, the Worth Ave Group will guarantee your new iPad against many things that AppleCare will not, including theft, screen damage due to dropping (or batting), fire, flood, and even surges from lightning strikes. For a top of the line 64GB iPad with 3G, the premium goes up to $82 a year.

    The policy has a $50 deductible, and they will cover any damage above that amount. The company warns, however, that they won't pay you if your iPad just mysteriously disappears (meaning something other than it being stolen), mechanical or electrical breakdown, normal wear or tear, rust, government seizure or nuclear war. I'm thinking you'd have more to worry about if stuff just starts flat disappearing at your house, you're in trouble with the government or al-Qaeda nukes your hometown, but it's good to read the fine print.
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      It's the only thing that piece of crap is good for.

      Beating the crap out of it!
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      Quote Originally Posted by riku98523 View Post
      Well its not the same people.

      Now I can't be sure what was going through their minds but I can say what would be going through mine if I was the one smashing an ipad. Smashing the ipad symbolizes rejecting the consumer mind set that has enslaved us. It also symbolizes how dumb the ipad really is after a long look its just a big ipod touch and isn't worth the price tag for $700 you can buy a laptop with 3G support with a core 2 duo processor (which rapes the hell out of the ipads o so special 1GHz processor that has to run graphics and calculations... I really don't know what apple was thinking they tried to make the processor seem powerful when in reality its cheap and of low quality) that can do everything and more than the ipad.

      Apple states the ipad is the between of an ipod and a laptop and that it can do things the ipod can do better than an ipod and things a laptop can do better than a laptop but this is just a bold face lie it can do things an ipod can do only as well as an ipod because guess what it is an ipod and it can't do anything a laptop can do better than a laptop. People will buy the ipad and think it makes them look cool but when someone sits down next to them with a laptop with an i3,5,7 CPU a much larger screen and much faster processing speeds and starts browsing the Internet, playing games,... listening to music! etc. etc. etc. the person who bought the ipad will realize how much of a mistake it was. Then the guy with the laptop will drop is receipt for $700 (you can get an i3 laptop for around $800) the ipad guy will pick it up and notice its a laptop with 3G he will ask the guy how he likes his AT&T 3G and the guy will laugh and say what? AT&T please I'm on (insert better phone company here).
      Seriously? At least try and make that post a bit more readable. Not everyone WANTS a 'superfast' computer..why do you think the $349 Acer and Compaq laptops are so popular? They want something cheap that can do easy stuff like the internet, email, and documents. Not everyone wants a giant screen and an i7 processor(I've got my giant screen and i7 processor in my 27" iMac). For the record, you can also "browse the internet, play games, and listen to music' on the iPad. Let's see..after a 'long look' a netbook is just a dumbed down notebook, with a single core processor barely faster than the iPad's...but they sure managed to become popular. To each his own, if you don't like it, don't buy it. No reason to hate on people for the things they buy. Can you imagine if people acted this way about other things in life? "Omg, you bought a full-size bed? That thing sucks compared to the king-size bed...it has all these other things it can do like hold more people and bounce people higher when they jump on it and hold more pillows too!" Let it go, guys...let it go.
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      they didn't throw away $500 they threw away $100 if they bought the insurance, no?