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    Charge Card for iPhone and Android

    Fundraising Goal: $50,000
    Amount Pledged: $104,8960
    Days To Go: 27

    Noah Dentzel and Adam Miller are the minds behind the Charge Card, a simple solution to those in need of a compact portable charger. The Charge Card is suitable play on words as the devices folds up into a faux credit card that can easily slip into a wallet, purse, or pocket. When the need for a charge arises simply pull out the Charge Card flip out the micro-USB charger and plug the 30-pin connector into the iPhone. We’ll be interviewing Dentzel and Miller later this week as well.

    MagSkin: Magentic skin for iPad, iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5

    Fundraising Goal: $5,500
    Amount Pledged: $3,514
    Days To Go: 13

    MagSkin is a simple iPhone skin with a simple twist, it is magnetic. The creator Daniel Weyer’s first MagSkin was made just for himself as he wanted to cut down on the clutter on his counter-top. Weyer cut an adhesive magnet and stuck it to the back of his iPhone and could subsequently stick his iPhone to any magnetic surface. The MagSkin has evolved to include the MagDock which allows users to attach the MagSkin devices to non-magnetic surfaces. Secure a MagSkin starting with a $10 pledge.

    Pair With Pear - Bluetooth to your speaker’s dock

    Fundraising Goal: $40,000
    Amount Pledged: $123,671
    Days To Go: 42

    The Pear Bluetooth dock connector allows users to pair their iDevice wirelessly to their iDevice docking system giving users the freedom to still use their iDevice while listening to music. The device extends the life of older docks, and adds functionality to cheaper docks lacking Bluetooth connectivity. The device can pair with up to 8 devices, but only one at a time will work. While the early bird special has passed, a $40 pledge secures your choice of a white or jet-black Pear.
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    1. buggsy2's Avatar
      buggsy2 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Raptor2213 View Post
      Too bad that two out of three of these things are useless, what with the new iPhone sporting (according to all rumors), a new dock connector...
      Lessee…a few hundred million of the current connectors out there vs. none of a rumored new connector. Oh ok so the gadget that uses the current connector is useless. That kind of reasoning why you're posting trolls from your mom's basement and the other guys are starting a new business.
    1. budsalinger's Avatar
      budsalinger -
      Am I wrong to be confused? How much is pledged?

      Charge Card for iPhone and Android

      Fundraising Goal: $50,000
      Amount Pledged: $104,8960
      Days To Go: 27
    1. thatboy12345's Avatar
      thatboy12345 -
      Quote Originally Posted by djanark2000 View Post
      How do you figure that 2 of them are useless?? The pear makes your existing dock wireless regardless of the phone you have and the magnet has nothing to do with the dock connector. The pear eliminates your need to buy a new dock.
      I agree what you are saying but don't forget to charge your phone