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  • [GIVEAWAY] SuperTooth Disco Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

    So I've been meaning to let you guys know about SuperTooth's Disco product for a while now. It's a Bluetooth wireless speaker which rocks the house pretty well. I took it up to Bonnaroo last month as our RV's impromptu speaker system, and we had a blast with it.


    Based in Nébias, France, SuperTooth has been around since the 80s. In 2004, they were the first ones to create the concept of a Bluetooth speakerphone to clip to your car's visor. They've since sold millions of units, and specialize in Bluetooth gear.

    In the Box

    The Disco unit itself comes in the box, as well as the AC power adapter. There's also a "holster" - a little bag for the device, as well as a 3.5mm audio cable and a manual.


    A tough plastic casing on the back, and a slightly triangular shape make this portable boom box sit well on pretty much any surface you set it on. The front of the Disco has the brand name emblazoned on the left, and features the single control panel towards the right.

    An easy volume dial spins with just the right amount of resistance while adjusting volume. There's also your basic Bluetooth-able controls - Play/Pause, and skip forward and back. A power button and a "Bass" button to enhance the low end finish out the control panel. There's also a typical blue LED letting you know the status of the device.

    We found pairing to be uneventful and simple, and actually loved the ease of being able to have anyone in the RV pair up and send tunes to the device. The Disco grabbed Bluetooth signals well, and we had no issues heading from the front to the back of the RV without losing signal.

    The battery on the device last 3-4 hours on high volume, with up to 10 hours on medium volume. We kept it plugged in mostly, with the supplied AC adapter. There's also an audio line in in case you'd prefer to plug directly in. Sound quality improved slightly when tested, but the difference was nominal.

    It's a bit heavier than a typical "throw in your purse or bag" stereo, and at over a foot long (315mm) it's more of a backpack stereo than a purse one.


    Sound was great on the SuperTooth Disco. I'd say it delivers perfectly for the $149 price point it's retailed at. Solid reproduction of sound, good volume, but not the crystal clarity you'd see in a high-end audio device. That said, with the road noise and concert-goers at Bonnaroo, we were able to get great volume, full bass (nothing rumbling, but definitely a solid low-end presence), and clean treble.

    Price / Conclusion

    You can grab the Disco for $149 directly from SuperTooth (backordered, with a $5.95 shipping fee), or $123.13 at Amazon.com (ships free for Prime members).

    We're giving the Disco a 3.5 leaves rating. It's a great mid-level audio device - I'd like a slightly smaller footprint for the amount of sound.

    As is customary for an MMi review, we're hooking up a reader with our review unit for free. Use the widget below to grab entries into the raffle, and we'll pick a winner Thursday.

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      Anarchy23 -
      I can only try.
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      Sidjohnsonnn -
      pretty darn awesome, would use it since i'm always on the go with my son, an hiking would be very beneficial.
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      rhmjr -
      Anything that doesn't have cords and has decent sound is a plus. Thanks for the review.
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      mdisturbed -
      This would be awesome for the track. I could keep my iphone tucked away safe and just have the sound. Pick me please!!!!
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      fourplay -
      cool, would love to hear the actual sound quality!
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      england5864 -
      I hope I win!

      Great looking speaker I hope I win!

      Great looking product. I hope I win.
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      Sweeeeeeeeeeet! Would love to win something as cool as this.
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      great product and great article would love it,
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      Sean Zhu -
      hope i win!! these look great
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      tallperson23 -
      I love this, it's probably the sleekest looking bluetooth speaker on the market right now.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Kyle Matthews View Post
      Ha, thanks man. Only the originals call me PF - nicely played. Poolside is the best light... so that's where the reviews are done.
      Haha makes sense.
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      xTorch -
      i really need one of those
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      I need this, it is awesome
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      Sounds great!
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      Love to own it small portable and handy ....
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      They still haven't announced the winner for this?
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      has the winner been announced??
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      I guess there is no winner for this
    1. Blackie66's Avatar
      Blackie66 -
      Looks pretty decent but sounds nothing like the Bose Soundlink or Jawbone Jambox. If you guys are looking to get a good set of bluetooth speakers, I suggest you check out Best Bluetooth Speakers Reviews.