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  • 'HomeCourts' Puts Easy Shortcuts At Your Disposal

    In iOS, you have to open applications to perform actions that correspond to the action you want to do. This isn’t exactly convenient, so iOS developer VincenzoBB has created a jailbreak tweak called HomeCourts that can be used to quickly perform specific tasks by invoking of an Activator action of your choice.

    The interface, shown above, appears after you invoke the Activator action you choose for the tweak. HomeCourts looks like a stack of iOS 5 banners, one on top of the other, all the way down the screen with a button to close the interface at the bottom. HomeCourts has two shortcuts for calling people, two shortcuts for sending text messages, two shortcuts for visiting Web sites, and two shortcuts for sending e-mails. As a bonus, it has three other options – the ability to enable and disable Bluetooth, the ability to enable and disable Airplane mode, and last but not least the ability respring.

    HomeCourts comes with a preferences pane in the Settings application where you will need to fill out the text fields with the information you want to use for the tweak – two each of the fields requested. The toggles are not customizable. After you fill out the fields, you can choose the Activator action you want to use from the bottom of the preferences pane. It’s important to note that the information you fill into the text fields does not need to be present in your Contacts application or Safari bookmarks.

    The tweak has a very good idea behind it, allowing you to access information and shortcuts as fast as you can perform an Activator action, however the only thing that can be considered bothersome is the appearance. The interface is not sharp-looking on the retina display and a different font should be used to get the look of Apple’s banners. If you're not worried about looks, the tweak offers essentially useful core functionality, but for nit-pickers, the looks of the interface could make or break wanting to use the tweak.

    Overall, the tweak is worth taking a look at. It offers some handy speed dial functionality for calls and text messaging, which many people will find useful. It works on only the iPhone and iPod touch, but the call feature only works on the iPhone.

    Name: HomeCourts
    Price: 99¢
    Version: 1.0-1
    Requirements: iOS 5
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: VincenzoBB
    Editor's Rating:  4/5

    Sources: VincenzoBB
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    1. rud0lf77's Avatar
      rud0lf77 -
      Sacré bleu.. That should be free.
    1. Anonymous's Avatar
      Anonymous -
      It looks pretty hideous.
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      It is FREE
    1. Cmds187's Avatar
      Cmds187 -
      Wow .. Ha
    1. Mrteacup's Avatar
      Mrteacup -
      Quote Originally Posted by bigboyz View Post
      It is FREE

      seems nice ish but super ugly
    1. kbcox0327's Avatar
      kbcox0327 -
      Use activator for something you can use activator for???