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  • Theme of the Week 7/7 - 7/13

    This week, finding the prettiest theme was difficult, but we're handing the medal to SENSES HD by .:Jimmy:. because it's a very complete theme and it looks (and sounds) stunning.

    SENSES HD is hosted in the ModMyi repository for a cost of $2.99. SENSES HD is a WinterBoard theme that changes more than just looks, but system sounds too. The look of the theme is gorgeous and it themes so many aspects of iOS that itís hard to list them all. Notable right off the bat is the detail in the application icons from the home screen, the dock, the status bar, the lock screen, and even the custom loading screen that appears any time you launch an application. SENSES HD customizes system sounds such as sending e-mail, keyboard clicks, and respring noises to help brighten up the iOS satisfaction value. Not only does SENSES HD theme the obvious parts of SpringBoard, but it goes a step further, theming elements within many of iOS' stock applications (pictures shown below) and even the navigation buttons of non-stock iOS applications. Notification Center gets a new look as well as the multitasking App Switcher and icon badges. All in all, the theme is a lot to take in the first few days you're using it Ė it offers so much that it will be hard to find the applications you're looking for until you get used to the new interface. For the price of SENSES HD, which competes with many other themes in Cydia, you are getting a lot more bang for your buck and the features included are very extensive with support for a large amount of iOS application icons. Be sure to check out this theme if you're into the darker color scheme and highly detailed interface.

    Honorable Mention

    Apart from this weekís winner, we would also like to mention another theme that was released this week.

    Flite by Anders Hvid.

    Flite is hosted on the ZodTTD & MacCiti repository for a cost of $1.00. If you like themes that are more on the minimalistic side and arenít too busy, then a new theme called Flite might be worth taking a look at. Flite only themes the home screen, but leaves everything else alone. It touches up the application icons with a new appearance and smaller size; plus it changes the look of the icon badges and application icon labels. Flite supports a myriad of different application icons Ė so many, that it themed all but one of the application icons on our test device. If simplicity is your sweet spot and you arenít interested in themes that are extremely busy and change everything about iOS, then Flite is a great lightweight theme that could meet your standards at the right price.

    Be sure to catch up with next week's best theme only on ModMyi!

    If you missed last week's Theme of the Week staff picks, you can take a peek here.
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    1. mmaboi21's Avatar
      mmaboi21 -
      Quote Originally Posted by zplit View Post
      Dude I know is ur opinion and not to hate to Flite is just icons no Ui so there's no way Flite will get the theme over any other complete theme not just senses but a very complete theme which we have a lot of then now in days.
      True, still very beautiful icons. I like flite a lot because I can mix it with others and still keep that same look.
    1. ellersbee's Avatar
      ellersbee -
      I vote for iMastHD! Too bad he took it from Android (ColdFusionHD). I talked to original creator and was going to port it over for free with his ok. This chump that named it iMast put a price tag on it......shame, shame, shame