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  • Possible iPad Mini Sample Photos Leaked

    After the purported next-generation iPhone physical mockups were released, GottaBeMobile ended up posting a similar series of pictures for the rumored smaller iPad. In their report the site notes that the hardware seems to be case molds.

    The images provided by GottaBeMobile donít seem to provide much information regarding the rumored iPad Mini. One thing the cases moldings do reiterate is the fact that the iPad Mini is going to be significantly thinner than the current generation 9.7-inch iPad. The rumored smaller dock connector is also shown between the dual speaker grills.

    The images above also show a nice comparison between the current iPad and what the smaller iteration of the iPad would look like side by side. The smaller dock connector would also go hand to hand with what is speculated in the next-generation iPhone. Having the smaller dock connector would mean that both next-generation iOS devices would share connectors with one another but probably won't be backwards compatible which makes the whole ordeal seem a bit skeptical. While all of these rumors arenít fully confirmed, there seems to be some credibility with previous speculation and rumors and the pictures shown. Weíll have to wait for more concrete information in the form of an announcement or a more credible source.

    Source: GottaBeMobile
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      Quote Originally Posted by Panda Jerk View Post
      you sir, are an idiot.
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      It will most likely be named....

      "iPad Napoleon"
      "iPad Napoleon Complex"
      Or "iPad NC" for short.....(get it....for short, ha).

      Now that we have the name figured out, the only thing we have left to figure out is how the iPad NC will overcompensate for its small size... 😊
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      I hope not wait for a long time
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      Quote Originally Posted by popit168 View Post
      I hope not wait for a long time
      it is estimated to release in Oct.