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  • Twitter 4.3 for iOS Released - Finally A New Icon!

    It has been a little while since Twitter updated their logo by rotating their bird icon just a few degrees counter-clockwise. iOS 6 beta 2 came with an updated icon for the integrated Twitter support, but Twitter’s iOS application lagged behind without an icon change. Today, Twitter 4.3 is live in the App Store with not only an updated icon with the new Twitter logo, but also with some new features. The new application icon with the updated Twitter logo is shown below:

    Twitter now allows you to see previews of content from links to partnered Web sites right from your Twitter stream – in other words, screenshot site links will now let you see image previews and YouTube links will let you see video previews, push notifications for specific Tweets or Retweets from people you follow has been added, and ambient notifications so that Twitter-specific notifications don’t bother you as much when you’re in the Twitter application has also been added as a highly requested feature to the Twitter application.

    Other minor changes to the application include:
    • Enhanced autocomplete for searches
    • Indications when new Discover stories are available for you
    • Avatars can be tapped to get to people's Twitter profiles
    • In-app password entry for authentication purposes
    • Hungarian language support added
    • Stability improvements and bug fixes included

    The update looks good so far and the application is already more responsive than it was before the update, where the application was pretty sluggish. The updates probably still aren’t enough to sway people away from third party clients like Tweetbot, but people that use the stock Twitter application day-by-day should be pretty excited for the update and should find it to make the overall mobile Twitter experience better. The overall appearance of the application is still the same.

    You can grab the free update from this link. While you're at it, don't forget to follow ModMyi!

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    1. dannyrocket's Avatar
      dannyrocket -
      Quote Originally Posted by Anthony Bouchard View Post
      I think your points are greatly exaggerated.

      The stock Twitter application handles itself well with what I feel to be a great-looking and simple user interface that most Twitter users can be happy with since all they want to do is read their feed and retweet stuff to their followers. The idea behind twitter is sharing information, which is easily and enjoyably done with the stock application.

      Your theory really bothers me inside that someone buying an iPhone has all the money in the world to shed on applications. Often times, people barely get by in this economy, which is hurting millions, and they buy an iPhone because they finally saved up every penny themselves for something they wanted. Putting a fund aside to finally pay for the device they want doesn't give them the ability to grow money on trees and suddenly be able to afford to start buying every paid application in the App Store that people say is better. If this were the case, people would end up paying close to $5000 for their iPhone instead of $199 before they could even start using it. Additionally, many people getting iPhones are getting them for holiday presents from their parents or relatives because they can't afford them. So how are these people supposed to have all the money in the world to start buying applications with supposedly better user interfaces? People in better financial situations could, but it's wrong to judge in this aspect.

      Some people are in better financial situations than others – but it doesn't give anyone the right to imply that they're stingy because they "can't be arsed" for downloading a free application over a paid one that does exactly the same thing – offers access to your free Twitter account on your mobile device. The stock application, to me, is absolutely fine as it offers the essential core functionality of simply allowing me to read my timeline and retweeting special events that I think my followers could benefit from. I can also directly message my friends with the application. The gestures, streaming, and other bells and whistles aren't even practical in my eyes because it's not something I would ever need in order to access my timeline.

      Just my two cents.

      +1 nice 👍

      "can't be arsed" 😄😄
    1. fanboyfanboy's Avatar
      fanboyfanboy -
      Quote Originally Posted by NinoMH View Post
      Agreed on using a mediocre client then?

      Even if it's free, twitter for iOS it's one of the worst pieces of **** in the app store right now, even with the latest update. Light years behind other clients, and specially Tweetbot.

      I don't get people who pay $99-$499 for an iPhone. But can't be arsed to pay $2-3 for a well developed iOS app and incredible functional app, beats me, really.

      Streaming, presentation, gesture based functions alone, make Tweetbot worth the bucks.
      I read my feed/tweets look at the discover section, tweet/favorite/retweet. I love the basic twitter client. It does everything I need. Now Ive never used tweet bot but i probably never will i love the basic twitter client. So don't go yelling at people because they don't buy it, it's there money and can spend it how they want
    1. zrevai's Avatar
      zrevai -
      You realize the stock Twitter App is Tweetie2 right???
    1. soidroidios's Avatar
      soidroidios -
      Quote Originally Posted by EntraVoxe View Post
      How many people will actually use this. The answer is not very many.
      As long as the default one works, it is always preferable to a third party solution. If this app worked the way it was supposed to, no one would have bought Tweetbot