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  • Theme of the Week 6/29 - 7/6

    Taking a look at all the good themes that came out in Cydia this week, we feel that FrameD by Miket25 has the most to offer in terms of detail and design characteristics. Take a look at some of the screenshots below:

    FrameD is hosted in the ModMyi repository for a cost of $1.99. After purchasing it, you will be able to enable it from WnterBoard and see iOS in a whole new way. The theme focuses on icons and important interface elements by closing them in with black frames – hence the name, FrameD. One of our favorite parts is the battery icon, which looks great on the lock screen while your device is being charged. FrameD themes a ton of things, from application icons, to lock screen elements, to badges. It puts a custom background in the multitasking App Switcher and within folders. Because of the way the theme frames all your application icons, it doesn't matter what applications you have since they are all framed with the theme's characteristics. All stock application icons are given a new look within the black frames. We like that the theme is both simplistic and easy on the eyes. If you haven't checked this theme out yet, it is worth the time to take a peek at.

    Honorable Mentions

    Apart from this week’s winner, we would also like to mention a couple of other themes that were released this week, which are also impressive.

    The first one: Helium HD by maustincoulter.

    Helium HD is hosted on the ModMyi repository for a cost of $2.99. Helium HD has an entirely unique appearance that themes every application icon with a frame-like appearance. Helium HD will theme lock screen elements, navigation interfaces, the status bar, SpringBoard icons, and Notification Center. It doesn't actually change any of the icons other than the frame it makes around them. The theme is centered around a blue and black theme and brings out a dark appearance; it looks best with a darker wallpaper. It themes a lot more elements than most themes, so it is certainly worth taking a look at if you're into making your iOS device unrecognizable from the stock look.

    The second one: Aquelo HD by Primo.TM.

    Aquelo HD is hosted on the ModMyi repository for a cost of $2.50. Aquelo HD changes all your icons to look rounder and badges are given the opposite treatment – they look more square. Aquelo HD themes lock screen elements, navigation interfaces, the status bar, SpringBoard icons, Notification Center, and even includes a loading page for each application as you launch it. The loading screen seems like more of an advertisement for the theme than a loading page, but it makes up for that in appearance. The icons are all replaced with a more detailed icon that will add to the beauty of the theme. It also includes two widgets – a weather widget on the home screen and an Apple on the lock screen. Important parts of iOS are definitely emphasized by this theme and it's worth a look.

    Be sure to catch up with next week's best theme only on ModMyi!
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      Anthony Bouchard -
      Quote Originally Posted by Spoooner View Post
      These themes are making my eyeballs leak from their sockets. Most new themes i see make me want to rip out my brain and eat it. They all look AWFUL. They ARE AWFUL. The fact people can charge for such rubbish. IS. AWFUL. I am going to list about 3 themes in no particular order, which are better than all of these awful abominations.
      Black UPS darkness - mostly just icons. Still better
      1 - http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/i/20...an-d2wlw74.png
      2 -http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b209/greatv/HoFmONTY.png
      3 - Azure
      Azure: Great Winterboard Theme for iPhone
      But, in all honesty, you do realize that this post is made to shed light on a couple of themes released during the week listed in the title? Those themes you mentioned were not released in the week duration that the article was made for.