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  • Chinese Firm Sues Apple for Allegedly Infringing Voice-Recognizing Assistant Patent

    Chinese software firm, Zhizhen Network Technology, recently hit Apple with a patent infringement suit for allegedly violating its 2006 voice-recognizing patent with the integration of Siri-technology into the iPhone 4S.

    According to a report from M.I.C. Gadget, the recently filed lawsuit infringes on the “ZL200410053749.9″ patent for “a type of instant messaging chat bot system” dubbed Xiaoi Bot. The software is said to be implemented in China by Microsoft’s MSN, Yahoo Messenger, and Shanghai Expo’s Dr. Haibao among others. While the patent for Xiaoi bot was originally filed for in 2004 with a subsequent approval in 2006, Zhizhen only recently revealed the Siri-like technology in February on the Android platform launched in Lenovo’s Android 4.0 Smart TV. In this particular case, the technology is being compared to Apple’s Siri release in the Chinese market in January with the addition of the system’s Chinese language support at WWDC last month.

    For those of you who are interested, you can watch a video of the Xiaoi Bot software running on an Android handset with the app having an uncanny resemblance to Siri’s user interface:

    The Shanghai based technology firm attempted to contact Apple for mediation in May but received no response. A Chinese court is now said to be holding pre-trial negotiations but no official statements have been released as of yet. The lawsuit adds to the growing number of Chinese court claims filed against Apple as a separate suit alleges Apple of violating a trademark for the Snow Leopard name as well as the recent $60 million settlement Apple paid out to Proview.

    Source: M.I.C. Gadget
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      Quote Originally Posted by Dark_Ninja View Post
      I do not blame apple for getting the patent I blame them for their abuse of the systems flaws. By the way I know the law better than u think lol.. Not everyone who is a tech geek is a nerd living with his parents. I'm a grown man with a career....

      Btw I hope something happens to apple to make them rethink their being a bully strategy. You guys don't see it yet but apples main goal is to be the only phone maker left. They are monopolizing the industry with just 1 device. Yea if that's not playing the game dirty then u sir need help.

      If Apple is guilty then the legal system will take care of it.