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  • Gates: Apple Needs a Surface-like Device

    Microsoft founder Bill Gates recently stated that its upcoming tablet, the Surface, may prompt Apple to shift its iPad strategy in order to compete with capabilities offered by their Windows 8 tablet in an interview on PBS. According to Gates, Microsoft’s Surface is a completely new form factor which he feels is “exciting” for the market.

    Gates continued to discuss how consumers would be given the best of both worlds with the Surface – a tablet that runs a full-fledged desktop operating system. He seemed to be clearly alluding to the iPad’s stripped down mobile operating system. According to Gates:

    You don’t have to make a compromise. You can have everything you like about a tablet and everything you like about a PC all in one device. And so that should change the way people look at things.
    When asked about how Steve Jobs was able to get the iPad and the iOS platform off the ground while Microsoft struggled with launching a successful Windows tablet, Gates said it was because of the “package that he (Jobs) had put together.” This specific “package” was assumed to be the successful combination of Apple’s hardware design and the company’s multi-touch mobile operating system that’s not only easy to use but also aesthetically pleasing. He pointed out how many early attempts at Windows-based tablets ended up not being “thin and attractive.”

    For those of you who didn’t already know, Microsoft announced the Surface two weeks ago in a surprise event, revealing that the company would launch two versions of the device, an ARM-supported model called Surface for Windows RT and an Intel Core i5 iteration dubbed Surface for Windows 8 Pro. The new device soon to be released by Microsoft has already been causing controversy with OEMs that license Windows for their hardware. Acer founder Stan Shih felt that the tablet was a ploy to boost Windows 8 adoption, guessing that Microsoft is likely to abandon the project later this year. HP was said to be ditching Windows RT all together for other mobile operating systems.

    Apple has been clearly dominating the tablet market since the release of the original iPad in 2010 and seems to be continuing the trend thus far. Analysts are estimated that the iPad’s market share (which is currently sitting at 60% for 2012) could account for 50.9% of total shipments by 2016. Furthermore, tablet sales are forecast to surpass laptop sales in the next four years growing from 121 million units this year to 416 million in 2016. Last but not least, there are several rumors going around that a 7.85-inch version of the iPad is in the works for a release date later this fall. That being said, we’ll have to see what happens to the market once the Surface is released, Google’s Nexus tablet is released, and if the rumored smaller version of the iPad is released.

    Source: PBS via CNET
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    1. NakedFaerie's Avatar
      NakedFaerie -
      I think the Windows Tablet will kick ***. BUT the problem is Windows 8 is a tablety touchscreen OS so it will totally suck on the PC.
      I've been trying out the betas, and now the RC and it still sucks as a mouse OS. I use to upgrade as soon as the RC came out but this time I'm not. I'm sticking with Windows 7 as its a lot better for a Desktop OS but I will think about getting a Surface for Windows 8 when its all released as long as its affordable BUT as its not an Apple device it will be affordable.
      I was looking into getting a Mac for many years but as they are priced so stupidly high I still cant afford one but I've brought many updates to my PC and still haven't gotten close to the price of a Mac.
      Long live the awesome PC. But if all OS's are going touch screen then it looks like the desktop is on its last legs.
    1. shortysos7's Avatar
      shortysos7 -
      Still looking for a reason to buy surface lol. I like the OS idea but I need to see a price and almost EVERYTHING else lol. I have no idea about the apps, screen, will it rotate to portrait, battery life, what it does that the iPad can't. If it only runs windows then I'll just stick with iPad lol. And that's only the RT surface I think? So where does that leave the other one......
    1. SuncoastDave's Avatar
      SuncoastDave -
      Lordy, this is funny.

      Microsoft has been here before - ever heard of Windows Tablet Edition? No? It exists. I've seen it used at places like Disney World, where they don't really care about cost, and looking super cool is the thing.

      Bill knows he has a turkey on his hands. (Priced like a netbook? WTF? Who is gonna buy a tablet for $1200 US? Not you, or you or you. Business? Don't make me laugh. They're running to a bring your own device model, and believe me, they aren't looking at $1000+ laptops, but rather the huge crowd of under $500 machines. Desktops are all but dead - looking around the cube farm here, the only leftovers are some ancient Dells being used by offshore types RDP'ing in.

      Bill's faint, fond hope is to try to get apple to chase Bill's view of the market place - and if Microsoft's last 10 years show anything, they show Microsoft has no clue, and no interest in getting one. Meanwhile, Apple just points to the Mac line, and sez if you want to spend $1200 get a real notebook, with a real keyboard, and all.
    1. Colby21's Avatar
      Colby21 -
      Quote Originally Posted by NSXrebel View Post
      Windows Surface RT will NOT run the desktop version, and will be more like Windows Phone 7
      Surface RT will not be like Windows Phone 7.... It won't even be like Windows 7.5 Mango... It will be "like" Windows 8
    1. sane's Avatar
      sane -
      Quote Originally Posted by xTorch View Post
      My guess is that Surface is gonna rock.
      The way I see it, iPad has a better screen and everything else goes for Surface. Just think about it, Android never really offered something totally new, and a lot of people bought it. Surface, on the other hand, runs the same Windows everyone is used to work with on their PCs, not to mention the super cool keyboard. About the price, Apple's products are overpriced and everyone buys them, people will buy Surface as well, even if it is expensive, and hopefully, they'll buy it enough so that Apple is forced to really improve iPad's features and prices.
      I've had a windows tablet.
      The biggest problem it had was the full version of Windows, which is not an OS designed for touch. It was a bear to use and I eventually had to cart a keyboard around with me just to make it functional. Within 6 months it lived in its dock and I was back to using my Handspring for any portable note taking.
      The best part of iOS is the fact that it is written for touch. The apps work with touch and I don't have to have an external keyboard to work efficiently on it.
      I still use my iPad for work and home everyday. I have the same one since I bought the original on the day it was released.

      Apple's prices never change. The products just get better over time/versions.
    1. Johnnytucats's Avatar
      Johnnytucats -
      What's the "app store" situation for these things? Are they going to let people install anything from anywhere?
    1. control635's Avatar
      control635 -
      This is so true... Although I'm not a fan of these mobile devices I can see why people do like them
    1. Abina's Avatar
      Abina -
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