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  • Google to Help Samsung in Legal Battle Against Apple

    According to a report by The Korea Times, Samsung has confirmed that it is working with Google to defend against the patent infringement claims made by Apple. The announcement marks the first time that Samsung has confirmed receiving assistance from Google in its legal battle with Apple.

    Several years ago, Google publicly announced that it was supporting Android smartphone maker HTC after the company was smacked with a lawsuit from Apple but Google hasn’t publicly indicated any such agreement with Samsung until recently. Samsung is hoping that the move will give the Korean electronics maker an advantage in the courtroom against Apple. An unnamed Samsung official was quoted by the publication as saying that the company hopes it will be able to earn royalties from Apple.

    An industry source recently indicated that Apple’s newly earned injunction barring sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will cost Samsung roughly $80 million. For those of you who didn’t know, the injunction was awarded last week and went into effect immediately after Apple posted the necessary $2.6 million bond. Apple also won another injunction in the U.S. last week against Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus smartphone, the handset co-developed by Samsung and Google, running an unmodified version of Google’s Android mobile operating system. The losses on the Galaxy Nexus could be even greater than that of the tablet, as industry sources are indicating a loss of up to $120 million if the sales ban extends for two months.

    We’ll have to see what move Google and Samsung will take to retaliate.

    Source: The Korea Times
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    1. Bear_Grylls's Avatar
      Bear_Grylls -
      The Rebel Alliance grows stronger, but it's only a matter of time before the evil Apple Empire strikes them down. We need....A New Hope.
    1. Slim J's Avatar
      Slim J -
      Good. Someone needs to control Apples power
    1. Norb's Avatar
      Norb -
      Quote Originally Posted by dennder View Post
      More competition = better devices for everyone.
      Yep... Now only if these other companies would actually compete by getting their own R&D department instead of simply following Apple.
    1. Breezer23's Avatar
      Breezer23 -
      Buying patents is ridiculous. I wish patents were only transferable if you actually bought the company that developed it. Secondly, all this legal mumbo jumbo will cause issues for Apple in the long run - assuming it's brainwashed base (I call them democrats) wake up and realize this company is an anti-competitive bully.

      I will admit, they make a solid product - I wouldn't say they innovative anymore - but they did a great job in the past setting up patents (with our broken system) for future purposes. This type of legal garbage is horrible for the consumer and does NOTHING to create innovation on the smart phone market. Those of you who say Samsung is ripping off iOS need to realize borrowing (or stealing in Steve Job's words) is HOW you innovate. You take an existing (and obviously popular) idea and improve upon it. THAT IS WHAT INNOVATION IS. Innovation and inventive are two entirely different things.

      Quote Originally Posted by Norb View Post
      Yep... Now only if these other companies would actually compete by getting their own R&D department instead of simply following Apple.
      Apple did the same thing with nearly all of it's products. Lets see, Maps (google), Siri - bought. iTunes is really the only real original idea they've had - everything else was borrowed and improved upon. Wait, borrowed and improved upon? Wait, that is what innovation is! Shocking!

      Google has failed miserably on the Tablet front with failed support or demand for developers to create Tablet oriented apps. I own an iPad 3 - love it. I just bought a Nexus 7 - can't wait for it. Having said that, I'm shocked at the ban on the Tab 10.1 due to design infringment. You'd have to be completely blind to think they are the same. They are different shapes, different aspect ratio, there is no home button on the Tab 10.1. It's clear, some of these judges are not tech savy at all.
    1. unison999's Avatar
      unison999 -
      Apple already make better product? Antennagate, proximity issues, battery issues... All unheard of back in iPhone and iPhone 3G. If anything it is getting worse.