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  • iOS Growth Reportedly Doubles Android In Last Three Months

    While both the Android platform and the iOS platform continue to dominate the smartphone market, new data released recently suggests that the growth of Google’s mobile OS may be slowing down a bit as Apple saw two new users for every one Android customer during the past three months.

    According to a survey by research firm comScore, Android users accounted for 50.9% of the U.S. smartphone market while iOS garnered roughly 31.9%. The results came from the MobiLens service which surveyed 30,000 mobile subscribers during the three months ending in May. Both operating systems managed to make some gains but Apple more than doubled Android’s growth during the time frame. Google’s OS saw a gain of 0.8% during the three months while iOS added 1.7%. The change aligns with what was pointed out previously when Android saw a negative month-to-month growth and Apple grew 0.5 points over the same month.

    RIM came in third place for the three month period which ended in May, with a share of 11.4%, a substantial 2% drop from the beginning of February as the BlackBerry maker continues to undergoes internal restructuring and corporate turmoil. Microsoft’s share grew 0.1% to finish May with 4% of the market, while the Symbian OS rounded out the top five with 1.1% dropping 0.4 points.

    Smartphone owners accounted for 110 million users of the 234 million users who are of age 13 and older and use mobile devices. The number at the end of May is up 5% from February and continues to steadily grow. Samsung continued to retain the crown as the nation’s top combined feature phone and smartphone OEM with a commanding 25.7% share of the market, up 0.1% from the previous report. Apple continued to exhibit signs of growth on strong sales of the newest iPhone 4S and grew 1.5% points to claim 15% of the market.

    Source: comScore
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    1. scroogelives's Avatar
      scroogelives -
      Quote Originally Posted by NegativeBeef View Post
      ....says the angry iPhone fan.

      You must've missed the part about Android being 50.9% of the market. Considering that Android has a greater market share than all the other platforms combined I don't think Android fans need to be angry about anything.

      Yes because we all know that iPhone users use all 300,000 apps right.

      Android also has more free apps than iOS so what's your point?
      And yes andriod has more free apps! Most of which are tools to spy! Steal and drain your power!! And yes I have tried several andriod phones but still end up back at my iPhone!
    1. LTechTalk's Avatar
      LTechTalk -
      That's cool iOS is much popular than android
    1. soidroidios's Avatar
      soidroidios -
      Well, I guess bottom line is that both of them grew. Besides, these seasonal data is only part of the whole. There would be times where android users and iOS users would hold off their cash in anticipation of a new product that is scheduled to be launched soon. I know we all have had that feeling where we wanted to buy the iPhone 4S, but was afraid that the iPhone 5 was around the bend, and just decided to wait. Still, good Job for Apple for still growing!