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  • How to Get Quick Reply for Facebook Messenger

    Facebook Messenger is a free application from the App Store by Facebook themselves. With it, you can instant message people on your Facebook friends list without having to open the slow, painful, and buggy Facebook application. While Facebook Messenger is faster, it’s still not fast enough as it is missing and important feature that everyone loves – quick reply.

    With a new jailbreak tweak now available in the Cydia store dubbed Quick Reply for Messenger by iOS developer Moeseth, you can now quickly reply to any messages you get from the Facebook Messenger application by simply tapping on the banner notification that appears when you receive an instant message.

    Once you tap on the banner notification, you will see a familiar interface pop up, one that looks similar to Moeseth’s popular TwitkaFly jailbreak tweak, only this time your text field content is going to go through Facebook Messenger instead of Twitter. The popup interface is going to show you the message you receive from Facebook Messenger and then you will be given the choice of opening the Facebook Messenger application to see the message, replying from the popup interface, or not doing anything at all. That's all there is to it – when your message is sent, it will make the sound you're used to when you send a Tweet through iOS 5's Twitter integration feature.

    Quick Reply for Messenger includes a preferences pane where you can enable and disable the quick reply feature easily. You will have to sign into Facebook and give it the privileges it needs to reply to your friends' messages. You can also opt for the original Facebook Messenger icon in the notification banner, or a custom one that comes with the jailbreak tweak. If you don't like hearing the Tweet noise when you send a message with it, you can change that as well.

    Quick Reply for Messenger comes with a three-day free trial and if you own TwitkaFly, it only costs 99˘ to buy the tweak. If you don’t own TwitkaFly, then you’re going to pay full price at $1.99. It requires iOS 5 and you will need to have a Facebook account and the Facebook Messenger application installed to take advantage of this cool tweak.

    Name: Quick Reply for Messenger
    Price: $1.99 (99˘ if you own TwitkaFly + 3 day FREE trial)
    Version: 1.0-1
    Requirements: Facebook Messenger
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Moeseth
    Editor's Rating:  4/5

    Sources: Moeseth
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    1. jjh76's Avatar
      jjh76 -
      This is great, but is anyone else getting "failed" upon opening up a messenger notification and nothing happens upon reply?
    1. Spyruf's Avatar
      Spyruf -
      i really wanted this before i sold my ipod to wait for the new one, but i guess they make it after i sell my ipod, great
    1. jacobtf's Avatar
      jacobtf -
      Quote Originally Posted by jjh76 View Post
      This is great, but is anyone else getting "failed" upon opening up a messenger notification and nothing happens upon reply?
      Yeah and it doesnt seem to work with LockInfo or IntelliScreenX.
    1. rubyjas's Avatar
      rubyjas -

      I am new to this forum.. through this we can get more new information.. thanks for giving this excellent opportunity over here..
    1. fpena's Avatar
      fpena -
      It's working fine with ISX here...

      I wish it displayed more characters. Almost every time I need to open the app in order to read the whole message...
    1. fpena's Avatar
      fpena -
      I wish it displayed more characters. Almost every time I have to open the app in order to read the whole message.

      If I cannot reply a half-message, so what's the point?

      Please developer, fix this, or give us choice to customize the characters limit.
    1. soidroidios's Avatar
      soidroidios -
      They could either display more characters, or at least put in a scrollbar there so you can scroll down.
    1. swanny246's Avatar
      swanny246 -
      It's definitely a tweak that I've been long wanting. It's an initial release so I'm not too worried. The fact that it cuts off the message at a certain point is annoying though.

      Also, the main Facebook app's notifications seem to interfere with this tweak, as whenever I swipe to open the FB app, it brings up the quick reply prompt. I'm not sure if that's meant to be a feature or if it's a bug, as I'm not sure what "replying" to a status does. Haven't tested it out.