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  • Three KickStarter Projects You Should Kick Start

    Pledge Goal: $78,000

    Amount Raised: $37,931
    Days To Go: 11

    Lying down and holding your iPad just plain sucks. In no way is it comfortable, and there are far too few solutions to alleviate the issue and prevent your arms from going numb. The Tablift aims to cure the problem, but if can only do so if it gets funded. Early birds can pledge $60 or more and secure a Tablift of their own, which is $30 cheaper than the planned retail price (which is way too expensive).

    Pledge Goal: $20,000
    Amount Raised: $4,916
    Days To Go: 27

    While there are a number of stand solutions, and even stand-case solutions already out there in iPhone accessory land, but few look as good as idoStand. The case allows users to prop up their iPhone in landscape or portrait all with a minimalistic bumper design. Best part, these things aren’t that expensive. A pledge of $15 or more gets you an idoStand and a pledge of $28 or more gets you a two-pack. These things will retails for $40 once in the wild and the expensive stealth version pictured above will retail for $60 (made out of aircraft grade aluminum).

    Momentum Precision Aluminum Case for iPhone
    Pledge Goal: $8,000
    Amount Raise: $660

    Now, this is an IndieGoGo campaign, which is almost exactly like KickStarter, except that the project doesn’t need to reach its funding goal to get the money pledged. If they raise $300, the project receives that much minus IndieGoGo’s cut.

    Anyway, the Momentum PRecision Aluminum Case is an aluminum bumper case with a slight twist, it doesn’t require screws to secure the case around the phone. Using a securing system dubbed “Fast Loc” the Momentum case can put on and taken off in seconds instead of minutes without fear of losing tiny, tiny screws. Pledges start at $40 and that secures you a case, and $50 snags you a custom two-color variant.
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    1. mmaboi21's Avatar
      mmaboi21 -
      Quote Originally Posted by MarqueIV View Post
      Hi! I'm Mark Donohoe, the creator of The Momentum. I know exactly what you mean about those signal bars which is precisely why I designed this case with the diagonal slots in the side as to not block the signal the way a standard case would. Additionally, the phone itself is held cushioned in rubber bumpers on the inside so the aluminum frame doesn't actually touch the sides as it does in most other cases. Signal reception was one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. For me with an iPhone 4 (not even the 4S), I lose on average about a half bar, and this from the phone that could lose two just by holding it different!

      Funny you should say that. This is Mark Donohoe, the creator of The Momentum. I've actually been considering an offer for all backers of The Momentum to get $20 off our iPhone 5 version of The Momentum when it comes out. That way, even if you sell your case for $30 on eBay, you'd still be up ten. And even so, at $40 to start when most simple plastic shells are at $30 and heck... stickers are at $20, it really is a steal.

      Plus, one drop from your phone not protected will cost you more than my iPhone 4/4S *and* my iPhone 5 version (and a few other things too!)

      Feel free to write me directly at Mark [a](t) InertialDesign{dot}com if you have any questions.

      mmaboi21, stay tuned! We're about to release something specifically for people like you. After all, I feel exactly the same way! Keep checking InertialDesign.com as well as Kickstarter. It should be released by next week, if not sooner.
      Will do man, thanks for the reply.
    1. soidroidios's Avatar
      soidroidios -
      Quote Originally Posted by Phillip Swanson View Post
      No reason for the last one at all? Have you ever tried to put on some of these aluminum cases like TikTok's offering or their iPod nano watch encasings? Screws, screws and more screws. Once your phone is in the case there's no taking it out unless you have immediate access to a screw driver.
      Question is why you would want to keep it on and off in the first place?