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  • Unclutter Mobile Safari's Bookmarks Menu With 'Bookmarks+ for Safari'

    A new free jailbreak tweak dubbed Bookmarks+ for Safari by iOS developer lordscotland has made it into Cydia today with one goal in mind – making the Safari bookmarks screen less cluttered and easier to follow. Taking the tweak out for a test run ourselves, Bookmarks+ for Safari does a good job of doing exactly what it aims to do and the end result is actually quite clean and preferred.

    The tweak’s basic core function is to remove your history folder and Reading List from your bookmarks screen so that only your bookmarks appear in the bookmarks screen and nothing else. To make up for removing the Reading List and history folder from your bookmarks screen, the tweak adds two new levels of functionality to Mobile Safari. When in the bookmarks screen:
    • Swipe left on the navigation bar to display browsing history
    • Swipe right on the navigation bar to display Safari Reading List

    You can return to the bookmarks screen by swiping in the opposite direction on the navigation bar that you swiped to get where you are currently. Swiping right on the navigation bar from inside of a bookmarks folder will return you to the main bookmarks screen where you can see the rest of your bookmarks folders and lone bookmarks.

    Bookmarks+ for Safari also does one other thing. Normally, when you add a bookmark in Mobile Safari, you are not allowed to edit the URL of the bookmark from the ‘Add Bookmark’ screen. With Bookmarks+ for Safari installed, you can edit that URL before you actually add the bookmark. This change just allows you to make some small changes to the bookmark, for example, allowing you to bookmark Apple’s main Web site when you are in the Mac section of the Web site by removing the /mac/ from the end of the URL.

    Bookmarks+ for Safari will be useful for a handful of people, but most likely not for everybody. The animations of swiping on the navigation bar are fluid and the uncluttered bookmarks screen is definitely preferred over Apple's choice to merge all of these features into the bookmarks screen. The tweak has no options to configure.

    Name: Bookmarks+ for Safari
    Price: FREE
    Version: 1.0
    Requirements: iOS 5
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: lordscotland
    Editor's Rating: / 3.5/5

    Sources: Cydia
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    1. Robert A Petersen's Avatar
      Robert A Petersen -
      The iOS6 Beta does something similar by moving the history and reading list to buttons under your main bookmarks (at least on my iPad, not sure about iPhone/iPod):

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      xNEOxGENESISx -
      In 11 min, that iPod used 10% of battery...
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      Quote Originally Posted by xNEOxGENESISx View Post
      In 11 min, that iPod used 10% of battery...
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      kadarrius -
      No one cares....everyone's using the new mobile Google Chrome!!!

      Quote Originally Posted by bmwraw8482 View Post
      Haha omg lol your right!!!*_*
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      Mrteacup -
      oh good as long as i can clear my history..
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      I wish I had a dollar for every time Anthony uses the word "dubbed" in his articles.