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  • 'Just Type' Is A Drop-Dead Gorgeous Notes App for iOS

    Alrighty folks, are you ready for a new Notes application that puts Apple’s stock Notes application to shame? Check out Just Type by Shubham Kedia. Not only is the application drop-dead gorgeous, but it is completely free in the iOS App Store! Everything about the application screams, "made with love" as the application icon, interface, and even the controls are all made to look great.

    The application features everything Apple’s stock Notes application has (and more), but it offers a lot more than just an eye-candy interface. It turns out that under all of that great design is some really important functionality that Apple skimped us all out of. The application includes features such as several different fonts, changing the font size, bolding your text, color-coating the notes, and so much more.

    There is also an action button at the bottom of the application interface that allows you to do any of the following with whatever you type into the application:
    • E-mail as text
    • E-mail as attachment
    • Message (SMS)
    • Print text
    • Copy text to clipboard

    Along with the text formatting options, share options, and color options, there is also a delete button just as you would expect in a Notes application such as this one.

    From the main part of the application where you find all of the notes you have created, you will see many similarities in the design to the Sparrow E-mail application, which has become so popular due to its beautiful interface. It is similar because of the slide-sideways design. From this interface you can easily delete notes by swiping to the left on them. Additionally, you see three buttons at the top – one for normal view, one for showing only starred notes, and one for separating notes by color. The interface also includes a search field so you can find the note you need even faster.

    You can add to existing notes with the Plus button from within a note, or you can make a brand new note with the Plus button from the interface shown just above. When you are done editing a note, a check button will appear in the top right, which you should tap to save your changes. As a bonus, Just Type includes iCloud syncing so your notes will be spread between all of your devices with Just Type installed on them.

    The application is worth the download – an easy five out of five Apples  5/5. It's even free. You can get it from this link.

    Thanks to Orby, one of our very own Moderators, for the tip!
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      is there a special way to open the icloud sync? i ask because i typed a note in it and it didn't sync to my other device.