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  • Apple Kicks Off New Employee Discount Program

    It was previously announced by Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, that employees would be able to take advantage of a new major Mac and iPad discount program at some point in June this year. Keeping to his word, Apple recently started the new program that gives Apple employees the ability to purchase Macs with a $500 discount (excluding the Mac Mini) and iPads with a $250 discount through Apple’s internal employee portal. The discounts come on top of the already-existing 25% discounts, which should leave quite a bit of employees happy and many potential job hunters interested. Unfortunately, the employees won’t have the ability to purchase a Retina Display MacBook Pro but that may or may not change in the future.

    There are some contingencies to the program though, as employees are only able to take advantage of the offer once every three years and must also be with the company for at least three months before taking up the offer. The employee discount program is an added icing on the cake though as employees should also be seeing scheduled retail raises. Currently some employees have reported to already have been rewarded their raises with speculation claiming a raise of up to 30% more than the previous salaries. The general average seems to be a raise between $2 and $4 for hourly workers with the value changing depending on store performance and the performance of individuals within stores.

    The employee discount program as a whole may be very appealing to both current and prospective employees as it will likely motivate them to work harder. Usually, when an individual has an incentive to do well, they will step up to the plates with their A-Game and Apple employees are likely to be doing that going forward. Overall, it seems Cook made a pretty smart move to enhance the success of its retail stores.

    Source: 9to5Mac
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