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  • TechCrunch: Manufacturers Confirm Apple Will Adopt Smaller 19-Pin Connector

    Photo leaked earlier this month reportedly showing smaller dock connector featured in the iPhone 5.

    TechCrunch claims to have independently verified “that Apple is working on adding a 19-pin port” to the new iPhone.

    The new smaller connector would replace the larger 30-pin connector Apple has used for millennia. The new connector, which will presumably save space and possibly be faster, will likely result in a few angry accessory manufacturers. TechCrunch wasn’t able to verify the legitimacy of the recent iPhone enclosure leaks, leaving the final iPhone 5 design a mystery.

    The similarity in size to Apple and Intel’s Thunderbolt port technology is merely coincidence according to TechCrunch as the “three independent manufacturers” said “the pin-out will be different.” Using Thunderbolt as the native I/O connector for the iPhone would be a little less than smart considering the cost of Thunderbolt cables and its limited availability especially outside of the Apple world (where 90% of people reside).

    The news is still unofficial from Apple, and judging by TechCrunch’s sources, much of the accessory manufacturing world is waiting for Apple to release details on the new standard, leaving many in development limbo. If Apple’s MagSafe 2 is any indication the company is all about saving space or rather creating more space inside of their devices, which will be a necessity if Apple wants to have room to power a larger Retina Display in the iPhone 5.

    Source: TechCrunch
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    1. buggsy2's Avatar
      buggsy2 -
      Someone(s) will make adaptors to convert between dock connectors. This is just another 1st-world problem.
    1. Sevael's Avatar
      Sevael -
      Quote Originally Posted by feidhlim1986 View Post
      @ At those complaining about not being able to dock it and use the earphones.

      You won't be able to dock it even if the ear phone port is on the top. Your current dock won't work.
      When you buy your new dock to fit the new port, all will be fine.
      That's a big assumption. The very fact that iPod Touches are screwed in all docks is a big indication that Apple doesn't intend for us to dock and listen via headphones simultaneously. I don't see them changing this just because iPhone owners complain about it after ignoring iPod Touch owners for years already.
    1. control635's Avatar
      control635 -
      is this inconvenient or am I the only one who has millions of the regular iPod/iPhone connectors
    1. Colacone's Avatar
      Colacone -
      Quote Originally Posted by 14u2nv View Post
      some of you are saying it won't fit in your current dock with the jack on bottom,,, did you completely miss that the plug will be different?? Your dock won't work anyway.
      hahahahah, I am glad I am not the only one noticing that.
    1. suicidesam's Avatar
      suicidesam -
      I can't us a 19 pin dock on my bose...will apple be handing out adapters for customers with 30 pin dock?!?!

      yeah right!
    1. emckissack's Avatar
      emckissack -
      This will not be a good change for me. My car uses a headphone jack to connect via aux. currently my phone sits upright whip using the jack. With this design the phone will be upside down while listening to music. This will suck if I need to access other features like gps and phone. I hope ios6 allows for full 180 degree spin for all apps and springboard.
    1. sqelch's Avatar
      sqelch -
      lol at no micro-usb port... junk